Neuronal Oscillations: modeling, computations & analysis

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    2018 - 19

Date Presenter Title / Related Papers
Sep 12
Organizational meeting
Sep 19
No meeting
Sep 26
Horacio G. Rotstein The role of membrane potential resonance for the generation of network oscillation

Related paper: Membrane potential resonance in non-oscillatory neurons interacts with synaptic connectivity to produce network oscillations (Bel & Rotstein, 2018, bioRxiv)

Oct 3
Alon Amir (Rutgers, CMBN) Serial representation of items during working memory maintenance at letter-selective cortical sites (Bahramisharif, Jensen, Jacobs, Lisman, 2018, PLoS Biol)
Oct 10
Drew Headley (Rutgers, CMBN) Understanding gamma oscillations in the basolateral amygdala with biophysical modeling

Related paper: Vigilance-Associated Gamma Oscillations Coordinate the Ensemble Activity of Basolateral Amygdala Neurons (Amir et al., 2018, Neuron) .

Oct 17
Horacio G. Rotstein Computational properties of network oscillations: discussion and brainstorming

Related paper: Network Oscillations: Emerging Computational Principles (Sejnowski & Paulsen, 2006, J Neurosci) .

Oct 24
No meeting (pre-SFN)

Oct 31
CMBN Annual Minisymposium 2018

Nov 7
SFN meeting


    2017 - 18

    Meetings: Thu 5:28

    Location: CKB 426

Date Presenter Related Papers
Sep 27
Organizational meeting
Oct 4
Horacio G. Rotstein Current versus voltage clamp: lessons from the responses of neuronal models to oscillatory inputs

Oct 11
Drew Headley Flexible information routing by transient synchrony , Palmigiano et al. (2017)
Oct 18
Rodrigo Alonso An integrated model for motor controlof song in serinus canaria , Alonso, Amador, Mindlin (2016)
Oct 25
Casey Diekman Title: Circadian dynamics in measures of cortical excitation and inhibition balance , Chellappa et al (2016) .
Nov 1
Taku Ito Title: Top-down beta enhances bottom-up gamma , Richter et al (J Neurosci 2017)
Nov 8
No meeting (pre-SFN week)
Nov 15
No meeting (SFN week)
Nov 22
No Meeting
Nov 29
Vicky Kanta-Chantzi Title: The role of gamma oscillations in the emotional modulation of memory consolidation
Feb 7
Eran Stark (Tel Aviv University) Title: Can phase precession be generated intrinsically in CA1? ,
Feb 14
Anya Stetsenko Title: Theta-gamma neural code , Jensen & Lisman (Neuron, 2013)
Mar 14
Spring break ,
Mar 21
Horacio G. Rotstein cancelled (snow storm - to be rescheduled) ,
Mar 28
Alon Amir (Rutgers, CMBN) Title: Gamma oscillations in rat hippocampal subregions dentate gyrus, CA3, CA1, and subiculum underlie associative memory encoding , Trimper et al, (Cell Reports 2017).
Apr 4
Erez Shor (NYU Medical School) Some new characteristics of the LFP in the olfactory bulb
Apr 11
Pablo Jercog (IDIBAPS, Barcelona) Searching for the hippocampal neural activity that encodes memory formation and recall
Apr 18
Dennis Burke (Joint NIH/Brown Univ) Title: lateral inhibition in the striatum and how it could contribute to shaping the striatal output. ,
Apr 25
Darrell Haufler (Rutgers, BNS Program) De novo emergence of brain rhythms through the integration of convergent oscillatory inputs


    2016 - 17

    Meetings: Thu 5:15

    Location: CKB 426

Date Presenter Related Papers
Sep 15
Horacio G. Rotstein Mechanisms of Gamma Oscillations , Buzsaki & Wang (2010)
Sep 22
Miguel Valencia Dynamic Interaction of Spindles and Gamma Activity during Cortical Slow Oscillations and Its Modulation by Subcortical Afferents , Valencia et al. (2013)

Coupling between Beta and High-Frequency Activity in the Human Subthalamic Nucleus May Be a Pathophysiological Mechanism in s DiseaseParkinson , Lopez-Azcarate et al. (2010)

Delta-mediated cross-frequency coupling organizes oscillatory activity across the rat cortico-basal ganglia network , Lopez-Azcarate et al. (2013)

Sep 29
Roger Traub NYC area meeting ,
Oct 6
Drew Headley Gamma and Beta Bursts Underlie Working Memory , Lundqvist et al. (2016)
Oct 13
Lidia Szczupak Recurrent inhibition in motor systems, a comparative analysis , Szczupak (2014)

Principles of rhythmic motor pattern generation , Marder & Calabrese (1996)

Central pattern generators and the control of rhythmic movements , Marder & Bucher (2001)

The cortex as a central pattern generator , Yuste (2005)

Oct 20
No meeting
Oct 27
No Meeting
Nov 3
TBD NYC area meeting ,
Nov 10
Pre SFN week: no meeting ,
Nov 17
. SFN week: no meeting .
Nov 24
. Thanks Giving day .
Dec 1
Horacio Slow and Fast Inhibition and an H-Current Interact to Create a Theta Rhythm in a Model of CA1 Interneuron Network , Rotstein et al. (2005)

Intrinsic and Synaptic Mechanisms Determining the Timing of Neuron Population Activity During Hippocampal Theta Oscillation , Orban et al. (2006)

A Model of Atropine-Resistant Theta Oscillations in Rat Hippocampal Area CA1 , Gillies et al. (2002)

Feb 2
No meeting BNS Minisymposium

Feb 2
Cancelled (snow)

Feb 16
Drew Theta Phase segregation of input-specific gamma patterns in entorhinal-hippocampal networks , Schomburg et al. (2014)

Feb 23
Darrell Continuation of the discussion from last week: How to isolate narrowband physiological activities from LFP signals

Mar 2
Sam McKenzie (NYU Med School) Behavior-dependent short-term assembly dynamics in the medial prefrontal cortex , Fujisawa, Amarasingham, Harrison & Buzsaki (2008)

Mar 7 (Tue)
Eran Stark (Tel Aviv University) Pyramidal Cell-Interneuron Interactions Underlie Hippocampal Ripple Oscillations , by Stark, Roux, Eichler, Fujisawa, Royer, Buzsaki (2014)

Mar 14
Spring break

Mar 30
Farzan Nadim Central Pattern Generators

Apr 6
Farzan Nadim Central Pattern Generators

Apr 6
Darrell Haufler

Apr 6
Alon Amir Behavioral correlates and computational logic of gamma oscillations in the basolateral amygdala





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