IEEE North Jersey Section IEEE North Jersey Section

IEEE North Jersey Section Communication Society Chapter Activities - 2003

Date Presenter Title
01/21/2003 Carl-Erik W. Sundberg "Digital Audio Broadcasting"
02/13/2003 Aleksandra Smiljanic "Scheduling in Terabit Packet Switches"
03/18/2003 Jont B. Allen "From Lord Rayleigh to Shannon: How do humans decode speech?"
03/25/2003 David Klappholz "Eliminating Aversion to Software Process In Computer Science Students And Measuring the Results"
03/27/2003 Jennifer Rexford "Characterizing the Internet Hierarchy from Multiple Vantage Points?"
04/24/2003 Ofer Hadar "Optimal Video Stream Multiplexing through Linear Programming"
07/07/2003 Nim K. Cheung "The Emerging Optical Internet"
10/30/2003 Wing Ho Andy Yuen "Effect of Node Noncooperation and Mobility on Mobile Infostation Networks"
11/06/2003 Indra Widjaja "Cost-Effective Network Architecture with TWIN"
11/20/2003 Narain Gehani "Bell Labs: Life In the Crown Jewel"

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