IEEE North Jersey Section IEEE North Jersey Section

IEEE North Jersey Section Communication Society Chapter Activities - 2008

Date Presenter Title
12/11/2008 Shamik Sengupta Timing Covert Communications: A Method for Keyless Security
11/10/2008 Wade Trappe Alice and Bob Get Physical: Insights Into Physical  Layer Security
10/13/2008 Nitesh Saxena User-Assisted Security Association of Wireless Devices
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9/23/2008 Murali Kodialam Traffic Oblivious Routing in the Internet
3/11/2008 Archan Misra Exploiting Link Rate Diversity for High-performance Wireless Meshes
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3/3/2008 Anand Santhnakrishnan Secrecy Capacity of Multi-terminal Networks with Pricing
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2/18/2008 Muhammand A. Mirza Financial Industry and IT