DS 675 - Machine Learning

Semesters Offered: S20, F20, F21, Su21, F22, S22, Su22, S23

DS 677 - Deep Learning

Semesters Offered: F21, S21, F22, S23, Su23, F23

CS 611 - Inroduction to Computational Complexity

Semesters Offered: F19, S20, S21

CS 610 - Data Structures and Algorithms

Semesters Offered: F19, Su20, Su21

CS 435 - Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm Design

Semesters Offered: F17, F18


Undergraduate Courses: Design and Analysis of Algorithms (CCOM5050), Theory of Computatation (CCOM5035), High Level Programming Languages (CCOM4029), Fun with Programming Interview Questions (CCOM4995), Machine Learning (MATE4995), Numerical Analysis (MATE4601)