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MATLAB Assignments Exam Policy

Solutions to homework problems (courtesy of Dr. Oleh Baran)

Final exam: Dec 17 (Wed) 3:15-5:45pm, KUPF 207

Past exams :
Fall 2002: Exam #1, Exam #2, Final Exam Solution: Part 1 Part 2
Spring 2003: Exam #1, Exam #2, Final Exam Solution: Part 1 Part 2

Last Quiz ( due Wed, Dec 10 )
Quiz #5 ( due Monday Nov 17) Solution to problem #1

Office hours: Wed 4:45pm-6:45pm, or by appointment (send me an e-mail)

Office location: 616 Cullimore Hall

Teaching Assistant: Christopher Frangione;

Meeting Times and Locations:
LecturesMon, Fri2:30pm-3:55pm KUPF 207
Wed1:00pm-2:35pmKUPF 103
RecitationMon4:00pm-5:00pmKUPF 107

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