The scripts following below reproduce the simulation results presented in the manuscript:

Victor Matveev (2016)
Padé Approximation of a Stationary Single-Channel Ca2+ Nanodomain.
Biophysical Journal, 111(9): 2062-2074   Full Text     PDF  

It is best to download and place these two scripts in the same directory:


MATLAB function [Buff, Cal] = PadeApproximation(N, lambda, mu) computes Pade approximation of order N for nondimensionalized Buffer and Ca2+ concentrations for given parameter values (lambda, mu), and returns symbolic functions of distance r=rho from the channel, Buff(r) and Cal(r). Note that double-precision round-off errors are possible in coefficients.


MATLAB script PadeApproximationPlots produces data in Figure 3 of the manuscript, using Pade Approximations generated by the MATLAB function PadeApproximation(N, lambda, mu)

*IMPORTANT NOTE*: MATLAB's solve command can be unstable: in case of persistent error messages, please restart MATLAB, and try again.

Supported in part by the National Science Foundation grant DMS 1517085 to Victor Matveev

Victor Matveev
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