Prof. Mitra Group




Dr. Somenath Mitra

  Executive Director, Otto York Center for Environmental Engineering & Science (NJIT)



Senior Research Associate

Dr. Sagar Roy

April 2014  


Past Post Doctoral Candidates



Dr. Chaudhery M Hussain

May 2012 Academic Coordinator at Dept. of Chemistry, NJIT

Dr. Ornthida Sae-Khow

July 2011 Senior Scientist at Siam Cement Group Limited, Thailand

Dr. Mahuwa Biswas

May 2012 Post doctoral appointee at Argonne National Laboratory

Dr. Cheng Li

Jan 2011 Vice Director, Center for Advanced Materials, Chongqing Academy of Science and Technology

Dr. Chutarat Saridara

Dec 2010 Asst. Professor at Rajamangala Institute of Technology, Thailand.

Dr. Subhendu Chowdhury


Dr. Roman Brukh

  Research Engineer, Chemistry Department, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ. 

Dr. Naihong Zhu



Current Students

Madihah Saud Humoud Research Assistant Ph.D. Chemistry
Xianyang Meng Teaching Assistant Ph.D. Chemistry
Fang Yu Teaching Assistant  Ph.D. Chemistry
Megha Thakkar Research Assistant Ph. D. Chemistry

Zheqiong Wu

Research Assistant

Ph.D. Chemistry

Smruti Ragunath

Research Assistant Ph.D. Environmental Science

Kun Chen

Teaching Assistant Ph.D. Chemistry

Kabir Mitra

Research Assistant  B.S. Chemical Engineering


Past Students

Name Research Title Current Position Graduated Year

Zhiqian Wang

  Ph.D. Chemistry (2015)
Peng Zhu     M.S. Chemistry (2014)

Madhuleena Bhadra



Ph.D. Chemistry (2014)

Xinbo Cui

Nanocarbons as charge carriers in organic solar cells Consultant, Menssana Research Inc, USA. Ph.D. Chemistry (2013)

Chintal Desai

Dispersibility of diverse nanoparticles

QC Lab Manager- Paramesh Banerji Life Sciences, USA.

Ph.D. Chemistry (2013)

Susana Addo Ntim

 Dispersibility of and adsorption on functionalized carbon nanotubes


Ph.D. Environmental Science (2012)

Xiangxin Meng

Anti-solvent precipitation and subsequent film formation for drug delivery

Formulation Scientist, Catalant Pharma, USA.

Ph.D. Chemistry (2011)

Kenneth Gethard

Enhanced membrane distillation: analytical and deionization applications

Technical Manager, Merck Inc

Ph.D. Environmental Science (2011)

Ornthida Sae-Khow Novels membrane structures Senior Scientist at Siam Cement Group Limited, Thailand. Ph.D. Chemistry (2010)

Yuhong Chen

Carbon nanotube functionalization and applications

CRTA Research Fellow, National Cancer Institute, USA.

Ph.D. Chemistry (2009)

Chaudhery M Hussain

Carbon nanotubes as sorbents for gas phase sorption

Academic Coordinator at Dept. of Chemistry, NJIT, USA.

Ph.D. Chemistry (2008)

Kamilah Hylton

Micro-scale membrane extraction for monitoring trace water pollutants

Asst. Professor at  University of Jamaica.

Ph.D. Chemistry (2008)

Edmund Bishop

Approaches to novel analytical extraction and concentration using hollow fiber membranes

Research Scientist, Celgene Group, USA

Ph.D. Chemistry (2006)

Mahesh Karwa

Gas chromatography on self assembled single walled carbon nanotubes

Senior Researcher, PharmaForce, Inc, USA

Ph.D. Chemistry (2005)

Chutarat Saridara

Novel approaches to real-time monitoring of volatile organic compounds

Asst. Professor at Rajamangala Institute of Technology, Thailand.

Ph.D. Chemistry (2005)


Xiaoyan Wang

Development of micro-scale and automated membrane extraction systems for water analysis

Specialist, United Chemicals Inc, USA

Ph.D. Environmental Science (2005)


Dawen Kou

Development of membrane extraction techniques for water quality analysis

Scientist, Genetech, USA

Ph.D. Chemistry (2002)


Roman Brukh

Experimental and Modeling Studies of Formation of Products of Incomplete Combustion and Chlorocarbon Incineration

Research Engineer, Chemistry Department, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ. 

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (2002)

Min Hee Kim

A microfabricated micro concentrator for sensor and chromatography


Ph.D. Chemistry (2002)

Chaohua Feng

Applications of a microtrap for on-line monitoring of volatile organics

Merril Lynch

Ph.D. Chemistry(2001)

Xuemei Guo

Development of membrane extraction system for measuring trace level organic compounds in water


Ph.D. Chemistry (1998)

Nainhong Zhu

Sampling and analysis of trace level volatile organic compounds from air via membrane permeation.


Ph.D. Chemistry (1997)

Yang Hua Xu

Continuous monitoring of volatile organic compounds using microtrap based gas chromatographic systems

Sun Chemicals

Ph.D. Chemistry (1996)

Anthony san Juan

  Development and field testing of pulse introduction membrane extraction (PIME) for measurement of ground water contamination


M.S. 1998

Arthur Lai



M.S. 1998

Wangfang Li



M.S. 1995

Wenjun Chen

Continuous monitoring of volatile organic compounds emission using microtrap based injection technique and gas chromatography.


M.S. 1995

Zhang Xin

Continuous monitoring of volatile organic compounds in air emission using membrane extraction microtrap GC system 


M.S. 1995

Chen Yun

A thermal desorption modulator for continuous monitoring of volatile organic compounds


M.S. 1994