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Nicholas Dubicki


Ph.D student
NJIT Dept. of Mathematical Sciences

I am primarily interested in physical problems, both the modeling thereof and the analysis of governing equations which describe these systems. I am currently at work on variational analysis of the micromagnetic equations. In particular, whether, and under what circumstances, these equations predict the existence of magnetic skyrmions in certain thin film geometries of ferromagnetic materials. This work yields applications to the broader field of spintronics engineering which apply the quirks of micromagnetic phenomena to computer chips.



  1. B.S. (2017) Mechanical Engineering, University of New Hampshire
  2. M.S. (2019) Applied Mathematics, University of New Hampshire


  1. MIT (summer 2017) Research Support Associate
  2. UNH (2017-2019) T.A. and Research Support
  3. NJIT (2019--) T.A.

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