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Rituparna Basak

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the New Jersey Institute of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Lou Kondic. Generally, my research focuses on understanding the granular systems that show similar behavior as avalanches. One of my primary focuses include understanding the mesoscale features (called force or interaction networks) using Topological Data Analysis and Machine Learning methods.


In my Ph.D. research, I focus on analyzing various topological features on different experimental and simulation systems showing avalanching characteristics known as stick-slip dynamics.

Various Topological measures: a) Force network, color bar represents the total contact force between the particles, b) PD0 (Persistence Diagram for connected components), c) PD1 (Persistence Diagram for loops), d) Differential force network, color bar shows the difference between the forces between two consecutive time steps, and e) Wesserstein Distances for components.

Identify two highly correlated force networks from the Couette 2D granular system that show stick-slip dynamics.

Experiments showing stick-slip dynamics in a granular annulus.

Effect of rolling friction in Suspension Particles.


  • Recitation Leader : FTF Math 110 & FTF Math 111 (Summer 2022)
  • Teaching Assistant : Calculus I & II (2017-2019)
  • Recitation Leader : Numerical Analysis Math 391 (2018-2019)

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    New Jersey Institute of Technology, Office 515, Cullimore Hall, 323 M.L.K. Boulevard, University Heights, Newark, New Jersey 07102, USA

    Rituparna Basak