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Graduate Programs

MS in Telecommunications and MS in Internet Engineering
The following are Frequently Asked Questions. Please check if your question is addressed below. To make it more efficient, please contact me after you have read the following information.
Note: Please note that requests for general information is considered of little initiative for a graduate student. Those requests won’t be answered. It is expected that prospective students have curiosity on our programs and initiative to find the information we have posted. However, if you have specific questions or think that all that information does not answers your question, please don’t hesitate to ask.

1. What are the eligibility requirements to be accepted into the MS program? A: The description of the program, with the admission requirement are listed in ece.njit.edu. Please note that this question is answered in our website.

2. What are the courses I need to take to complete the MS program? A: The description of the program, with the admission requirement are listed in ece.njit.edu

3. Are new students accepted in the Spring semester? A: Yes, students are accepted in Spring and Fall.

4. What are the admission deadlines? A: They are setup for each semester by the admissions office. Please check www.njit.edu/admissions

5. Can I register to any course online? A: In general, the online courses are dedicated to online degrees. In addition, some courses may not be eligible for your program and they may not count. It is better to let me know so we would check if they count towards your degree.

6. What is the financial aid available for MS Students? A: TA-ships are very contested by Ph.D. students. RA-ships may be possible but you may need to be accepted in the research project of a professor. That means, you may need to ask individual faculty for acceptance. Another option is to search for on-campus job. You may need to ask different offices in the university and check NJIT website. For domestic students, please check Bursars office and Graduate Student Office for information about federal loans and other programs.

7. How much is tuition fee to study? A: The Bursars Office provides this information (www.njit.edu/bursar).

8. Who should I contact to know the status of my admission application? A: Please contact the Admissions Office. Take into consideration that it takes a few weeks to process your application (putting together, sending to Admission Committee, etc.). The ECE Dept. does not provide admission information to applicants, but we can help you to find out.

9. I am a student of M.S. on Electrical Engineering, can you advise me? Answer: You need to see your program Advisor or Ms. Bass (in ECE Office).

10. Should I email you my GPA and other scores to see if I am eligible to apply for admission to your M.S. program? Answer: Admission is only considered when you officially apply. I am not allowed to answer such questions.

11. Should I pick any subject in NJIT to complete an MS program after having fulfilled the core courses requirement? Answer: You need to see the program and courses listed and check with me. Else, you risk to take course that don’t count towards the degree and you won’t be able to graduate.
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Recommendations for MS students
It is our goal that you are successful in your program. Try to:

1. Follow the courses in the program and make a program plan (list all courses you would like to take as Electives). Make sure you comply with pre-requisites (they are set for you to be able to get good grades).

2. Talk to your advisor if grades are not going as desired.

3. Experience the environment in the first semester, do not overload. GPA is very important. Achieving a high GPA is very important.

4. Attend seminars and talks in the department. You will learn of new markets and ideas.
Co-OPs and Internships
Please note that you need to apply for Co-Ops and Internet with time in advance. Co-Ops follow deadlines as registration for courses (one semester in advance), and incur tuition fees. However, they may not apply for your program. Internships are usually performed during the summer. They both are useful for collecting working experience.

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