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Fluid Mechanics Seminar - Spring 2013

Seminars are held on Mondays from 4:00 to 5:00 pm in Cullimore 611, unless noted otherwise. For questions about the seminar schedule, please contact Shahriar Afkhami.

Date Speaker and Title Host
Jan. 31 ( Thursday 4-5 pm) Len Pismen, Israel Institute of Technology
Rheology of cytoskeleton: from mesoscopic mechanics to macroscopic instabilities
Shahriar Afkhami
Feb. 11 Chun Liu, Penn State
Ionic Fluids and Their Transport: From Kinetic Descriptions to Continuum Models
Yuan-Nan Young
Feb. 18 Gideon Simpson, University of Minnesota
Numerical Analysis of Parallel Replica Dynamics
Michael Siegel
Feb. 25 Hassan Masoud, New York University
Bio-Inspired Locomotion in Newtonian Fluids: Crawling, Flying, and Swimming
Yuan-Nan Young
Mar. 25 Shahab Shojaei Zadeh, Rutgers
Capillary-Induced Interactions between Janus Particles at Liquid-Fluid Interfaces
Shahriar Afkhami
Apr. 1 Robert Style, Yale University
Drops on squishy surfaces
Linda Cummings
Apr. 8 Nick Moore, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Reduced-order modeling of fluid-structure interactions
Shahriar Afkhami
Apr. 15 Ivan Christov, Princeton University
Diffusion in flows of granular materials
Aminur Rahman
Apr. 22 Jose Ignacio Tello, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Some inverse problems in Lubrication Theory
Linda Cummings
Apr. 29 Manman Ma, NJIT
A numerical method for electro-osmotic flow with deformable interfaces
Michael Siegel
May 6 Herve Nganguia, NJIT
Electro-deformation of a surfactant-laden viscous drop
Yuan-Nan Young

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