Assistant professor,
Department of Mathematical Sciences
New Jersey Institute of Technology
University Heights
Newark, NJ 07102
Email: david[dot]g[dot]shirokoff[at]njit[dot]edu

Research Interests

  • Numerical methods/analysis for partial differential equations.
  • Numerical methods for non-convex/non-local energy minimization in material science, global optimization.
  • Nonlinear partial differential equations and variational problems.
  • Numerical methods for the Navier-Stokes equations.

  • Background

  • Assistant professor (Sept. 2014 - present)
    Department of Mathematical Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology

  • Postdoctoral fellow (Sept. 2011 - Aug. 2014)
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University
    with J-C. Nave and Rustum Choksi

  • PhD (2011), Applied Mathematics,
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • BASc Engineering Physics (2002-2006)
    University of Toronto (part of the Division of Engineering Science)

  • D Shirokoff