Wenge Guo


        Former Ph.D. Students    

  • Gavin Lynch, "The Control of the False Discovery Rate under Structured Hypotheses", New Jersey Institute of Technology, December, 2013.

Current Position: Senior Data Platform Engineer, Catchpoint Systems Inc

  • Zhiying Qiu, "FWER Controlling Procedures for Testing Multiple Hypotheses with Hierarchical Structure and Applications in Clinical Trials", New Jersey Institute of Technology, May, 2014.

Current Position: Senior Statistician, Sanofi-Aventis

  • Anjana Grandhi, "Multiple Testing Procedures for Complex Structured Hypotheses and Directional Decisions", New Jersey Institute of Technology, May, 2015, co-advised with Ji Meng Loh.

Current Position: Senior Scientist, Biostatistics, Merck

  • Yalin Zhu, "Topics on Multiple Hypotheses Testing and Generalized Linear Model", New Jersey Institute of Technology, August, 2017, co-advised with Sunil Dhar.

Current Position: Senior Statistician, Merck


Current Ph.D. Students   

  • Li Yu, "FWER Controlling Procedures in Simultaneous and Selective Inference", 2018 (expected).







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