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Lindberg/Blue M® Mini-Mite™ 1100°C Tube Furnace
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  • Energy efficient Moldatherm® insulation for quick heat-up and cool down
  • Simultaneous display of actual and setpoint temperature
  • Split-hinge design to simplify loading and unloading
  • Self-tuning PID control for optimum thermal process without overshooting

High quality, inexpensive tube furnace incorporates a heat reflecting inner shell that creates two insulating air spaces, providing low outer shell temperatures. Accepts 1" O.D. process tube. Moldatherm® ceramic fiber insulation with embedded heating elements provides exceptionally fast heat-up and recovery capabilities, thus saving energy and increasing element life.

Model 1367-55035A-1 includes a built-in 16-segment digital microprocessor temperature controller with advanced self-tuning feature. Self-tuning automatically sets the best control parameter values during the furnace operation.

Model 1367-55030A-1 has a self-tuning single set point digital controller that displays both actual and set point temperatures simultaneously.

Electrical requirements for both models: 50/60Hz at 120V, 800 watts. Units are equipped with 6' power cord.

Dimensions (W x H x L): 11 x 15 x 16"; heated length: 12"; weight: 35 lbs. Accepts up to a 1" diameter process tube. Process tube not included.