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Synthesis and characterizations of the advanced functional nanomaterials for environmental protection

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Clean energy production

Interaction of H2O and NO2 with BaY Faujasite: Complex Contraction/Expansion Behavior of the Zeolite Unit Cell Time-resolved Studies for the Mechanism of Reduction of Copper Oxides with Carbon Monoxide: Complex Behavior of Lattice Oxygen and the Formation of Suboxides Anatase-TiO2 Nanomaterials: Analysis of Key Parameters Controlling Crystallization In Situ Studies of the Active Sites for the Water Gas Shift Reaction over Cu-CeO2 Catalysts: Complex Interaction between Metallic Copper and Oxygen Vacancies of Ceria Anatase-TiO2 Nanomaterials: Morphological/Size Dependence of the Crystallization and Phase Behavior Phenomena Fundamental understanding of the role of potassium on the activity of Pt/CeO2 for the hydrogen production from ethanol Hydrodeoxygenation of model compounds and catalytic systems for pyrolysis bio-oils upgrading Effect of the transition metal oxide supports on hydrogen production from bio-ethanol reforming Characterization and hydrodesulfurization properties of catalysts derived from amorphous metal-boron materials

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