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I enjoy working with all my students, and many of them have become my good friends. It is most gratifying to see them flourishing in their careers. I have indeed learnt a great deal through numerous intellectual interactions with them.

Attention, my thesis/dissertation advisees: If you have a homepage or any changes/additions that you would want me to link/update, please email to me at ansari@njit.edu.

Current Full-Time Students
  • Qiang Fan (doctoral)
  • Xueqing Huang (doctoral)
  • Abbas Kiani (doctoral)
  • Ali Shahini (doctoral)
  • Xiang Sun (doctoral)
  • Di Wu (doctoral)
  • Jingjing Yao (doctoral)
  • Liang Zhang (doctoral)
Careers of Some Graduates
  • Zhiqiang (Zeeman) Zhang, Ph.D., "On Generalized Adaptive Neural Filters," October 1993, COO, Sea Sky Land (previously with BellSouth and involved in a few ventures). (my first doctoral graduate)
  • Gangsheng (Gary) Wang, Ph.D., "On the Optimization Problems in Multiaccess Communication Systems," January 1996, Principal Software System Engineer, Broadcom (previously with INTEL, San Diego, CA).
  • Ambalavanar Arulambalam, Ph.D., "Explicit Congestion Control Algorithms for Available Bit Rate Services in Asynchronous Transfer Mode Networks," May 1996, Senior Systems Architect, Distinguished MTS, LSI Corp., Allentown, PA.
  • Jianguo Chen, Ph.D., "Adaptive Distributed Detection with Applications to Cellular CDMA," Jan. 1997, Distinguished MTS, LSI, Allentown, PA.
  • Shizhao Li, Ph.D., "On Scheduling Input Queued Cell Switches," May 1999; MTS at Tintri (previously with EMC, Teneros Inc., Cisco, Lucent).
  • Hai Liu, Ph.D., "Video Traffic Modeling and Delivery," May 2000; MTS, Globespan, Redbank, NJ. (co-advisor)
  • Jinhui Li, Ph.D., "Scheduling Algorithms for High Speed Switches," May 2001; Senior MTS, LSI, Allentown, PA.
  • Jong-Ho Bang, Ph.D., "Buffer Management and Cell Switching Management in Wireless Packet Communications," May 2001; Senior Director, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Samsung Electroncis, Korea.(co-advisor)
  • Dequan Liu, Ph.D., "Joint Buffer Management And Scheduling For Input Queued Switches," January 2003; CTO, Beijing United TopIC Co., Ltd. (co-advisor)
  • Andrey Belenky, Ph.D., "IP Traceback with Deterministic Packet Marking (DPM)," August 2003; Associate, Jones Day.
  • Jingdi Zeng, Ph.D., "IP-Based Virtual Private Networks and Proportional Quality of Service Differentiation," January 2004; Associate Professor, DeVry University (previously INRIA, France)
  • Hong Zhao, Ph.D., "QoS Provisioning in Multimedia Streaming," May 2004; Associate Professor, Fairleigh Dickenson University.