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UBMTP is an innovative new training program recently funded by the National Science Foundation. The primary goal is to prepare students to be able to do research at the interface of mathematics and biology. Expectations of student performance are very high. A typical timetable for a UBMTP student is as follows:

  • Fall 2008 - Students apply for entrance into UBMTP. Deadline for applications: November 10, 2008. Accepted students meet with math/biology advisors to choose appropriate courses for the upcoming semester. Accepted students will be notified by November 15, 2008.
  • Spring 2009 - UBMTP students begin to learn about potential summer research projects, attend weekly group meetings, learn basic tools of mathematics and biology and make presentations to the UBMTP faculty and students. Students are required to enroll in Math 373, Introduction to Mathematical Biology and Math 401, Undergraduate Research Seminar.
  • Summer 2009 - Students spend 2 months in an intensive full-time research environment. Pairs of students will be teamed with one faculty member from Biology and one from Mathematics. Students will conduct new research which may involve experimental biology work and/or mathematical modeling. Weekly group meetings will be held. Students cannot register for summer classes in order that they focus solely on research.
  • Fall 2009 - Students continue on team research projects. Twice monthly group meetings continue. At the end of the semester, if students have finished their project, a public seminar is given to disseminate the results.
  • Spring 2010 -  Students write and submit papers for journal publications.

Key Aspects of UBMTP:
  1. Students, accompanied by faculty, will travel to regional and national meetings to present their research.
  2. Students will make presentations of scientific literature and/or their research during group meetings.
  3. Students will be offered the chance to register for research credits and use this towards their graduation.
  4. UBMTP students in their second year of the program will act as mentors to newly recruited UBMTP students.

Contact for further information and application process: Karen Roach (Bio-Math Administrator, Phone: 973-596-5612)
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