Course Description

Introduction to statistical consulting modified

presentation of David Borgerding
(fair use for teaching)

How to load packages in R?

R-Commands for smoothing


Regression tree analysis using S-plus.

Commands for regression tree in R (
Note that alpha numeric
variables are coded as a, b, c, d, .... in the alphabetic order, e.g. in the variable Country
a = Germany, b = Japan, c = Japan/USA, d = Korea, e = Mexico, f  = Sweden, g = USA.)
Data for doing regression tree homework
Regression Tree.

Homework3 Regression tree and SAS graphics

Reading for case study: fish corresponding Case01.xls

Homework4 Fisher's exact test and test for independence

Homework5 Test for trend and meta analysis

Homework6 McNemar's test and Kappa.

Homework7 goodness_of_fit test and longitudinal data

Homework8 subgroup analysis and correlation

Homework9 simple regression analysis

Homework10 parametric versus nonparametric analysis

Homework11 Logistic regression

Homework12 Factor Analysis

Final exam Due on or before Friday May 8, 6 pm, 2009



 LOESS smoothing example           

Some useful websites for consulting

How to access SAS on afs

Trellis graphics through R

Trellis graphics through S-plus

Basic splus commands
      Bird data splus commands

   Fisher's exact test from Handbook of Parametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures by David J.Sheskin P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6

SAS Example 1

SAS Example 2

SAS Example 3

SAS logistic regression and odds ratio

Latin Square

Chi-square, Goodness of fit, independence, homogeneity
When is the test statistics approximately Chi-squared

McNemar's Test

Notes on Kappa from Medical Statistics by Machin,

independent samples t & non parametric tests SAS

Test of Proportion(s)

Case study #1

Sample Survey

Some references