Mathematical modeling and dynamic systems analysis of neuronal circuits and biological networks

Horacio G. Rotstein (he/him/his)

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Federated Department of Biological Sciences Rutgers University / NJIT

Graduate Faculty Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience CMBN - Rutgers University

Core Faculty Institute for Brain and Neuroscience Research IBNR - NJIT

Corresponding Investigator National Scientific and Technical Research Council CONICET - Argentina


    Research Interests
The goal of our research group is to understand how biological oscillatory networks generate patterns of activity, how these networks process information and perform computations, and how all this depends on the dynamic properties of the participating nodes, the connectivity and the network topology.

We develop and use mathematical modeling, numerical simulations, dynamical systems tools, parameter estimation and inference algorithms, and we have a well-developed network of collaborations with experimental scientists carrying out research both in vitro and in vivo.

We particularly focus on oscillatory networks of the nervous system, which play important roles in cognition and motor behavior both in health and disease. This includes the investigation of the mechanisms of selection of frequencies, amplitudes and additional observable activity attributes, and the network response to external, often oscillatory, inputs (e.g., resonances) as the result of the interplay of nonlinearities, time scales and levels of neuronal organization (cellular, synaptic, micro-, meso- and macrocircuit). This research extends to biological networks in the context of chemistry and systems biology (e.g., biochemical, genetic).

Our efforts also include the investigation of the relationship between experimental and observable data to models in collaboration with statistical neuroscientists and data scientists. These projects include the resolution of unidentifiability in models and data (multiple parameter sets producing identical or similar observable activity patterns) and the determination of correlation and causal rules in neuroscience data.

Our group is strongly committed to teaching and mentoring and the dissemination of science with the goal of having a societal impact, in particular on the education of young scientists.

Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience

Biophysical Mechanisms of Generation of Brain Rhythms

Dynamical Systems / Nonlinear Dynamics

Data Analysis and parameter estimation

Systems Biology

Oscillations in Chemical, Biological, and other Systems



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Office address:

        Horacio G. Rotstein
	Department of Biological Sciences
        New Jersey Institute of Technology
        University Heights
        Newark, NJ, 07102, USA.

        tel: (1-973) 596-8460
        fax: (1-973) 596-5591

E-mail: horacio (at/arroba/strudel)njit(dot/punto/nekuda)edu


Scientific Publications

Science Diplomacy

Guest Editor

NSF IOS 2002863 Dynamic interactions of individual neurons in supporting hippocampal network oscillations during behavior

NSF DBI 1820631 Workshop: Present and Future Theoretical Frameworks in Neuroscience

NSF DMS 1715808 (Mathematical Biology) - The role of neuronal ionic current correlations on network activity

CRCNS NSF DMS 1608077 Network Resonance: Revealing the Neuronal Mechanisms

NSF DMS 1313861 (Mathematical Biology) - Mechanisms of frequency preference in neurons and networks: biophysics and dynamics

NIH NINDS R56NS085330 Ionic conductance correlations tune neuronal network activity to natural inputs

NSF DMS 0817241 (Mathematical Biology) - rhythmic oscillations in the entorhino-hippocampal system: biophysics and dynamics

Neuronal Oscillations Journal Club (modeling, computations, experiments & data analysis)

Neuronal Oscillations Collective (NYC area)

Courses and Seminars

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