Demo Scripts Example script files with comments, in lieau of a tutorial. Hopefully, enough to get you started.

CalC Scripts for Published Models:

1.    V. Matveev, R. Bertram, A. Sherman (2011)
Calcium Cooperativity of Exocytosis as a Measure of Calcium Channel Domain Overlap.
Brain Research 1398: 126-138.
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2.    V. Matveev, R. Bertram, A. Sherman (2009)
Ca2+ current vs. Ca2+ channel cooperativity of exocytosis.
Journal of Neuroscience 29(39):12196-12209.
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3.    A.M. Weber, F.K. Wong, A.R. Tufford, L.C. Schlichter, V. Matveev, and E.F. Stanley (2010)
N-type Ca2+ channels carry the largest current: implications for nanodomains and transmitter release.
Nature Neuroscience 13: 1348-1350.
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4.    L.N. Cornelisse, R.A.J. van Elburg, R.M. Meredith, R. Yuste, and H.D. Mansvelder (2007)
High Speed Two-Photon Imaging of Calcium Dynamics in Dendritic Spines: Consequences for Spine Calcium Kinetics and Buffer Capacity. PLoS ONE 2(10): e1073.
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5.   O. Babich, V. Matveev, A. L. Harris, R. Shirokov (2007)
Ca2+-dependent inactivation of CaV1.2 channels prevents Gd2+ block: does Ca2+ block the pore of inactivated channels? Journal of General Physiology, 129: 477-483.
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6.   V. Matveev, R. Bertram, A. Sherman (2006)
Residual Bound Ca2+ Can Account for the Effects of Ca2+ Buffers on Synaptic Facilitation
Journal of Neurophysiology, 96: 3389-3397.
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7.   Nguyen V, Mathias R, Smith GD (2005)
A stochastic automata network descriptor for Markov chain models of instantaneously coupled intracellular Ca2+ channels. Bull Math Biol, 67(3):393-432.
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The script markov.par (linked above) demonstrates the use of Markov variables to simulate stochastic Ca2+ channel gating, examining the coupling of two stochastic Ca2+ channels with 4-state gating kinetics by Nguyen et al. (2005).
8.   V. Matveev, R.S. Zucker, A. Sherman (2004)
Facilitation through Buffer Saturation: Constraints on Endogenous Buffering Properties
Biophysical Journal, 86:2691-2709
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9.   V. Matveev, A. Sherman, R.S. Zucker, (2002)
New and Corrected Simulations of Synaptic Facilitation
Biophysical Journal, 83:1368-1373. <
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10.   Yamada, W.M., and R.S. Zucker (1992)
Time course of transmitter release calculated from simulations of a calcium diffusion model.
Biophysical Journal, 61:671-682.
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The script YamadaZucker.par (linked above) reproduces Fig. 3B of Yamada and Zucker (1992)

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