Openings for Students

I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

I have multiple fully-funded Ph.D. positions in the area of databases, secure data processing, IoT, cloud/edge computing, blockchain, and secure model learning. Master's and undergraduate students and self-funded visiting students/scholars are also welcome to apply. Please see the details below.

NJIT is a Rank 1 Research University, situated in New York Metropolitan area, and is about 7 miles away from the beautiful New York City. New York Metropolitan area is a key part of the US and is the hub of several major tech and research companies. The qualified candidates will have opportunities for research internship and joint projects with lead-industrial companies. The position is looking for highly motivated graduate students to explore, design, and implement algorithms for databases, secure computing, IoT, and blockchain. Topics are as follows:
  1. Multi-party computation (MPC) or secret-sharing based database systems
    • Design and implementation of an end-to-end-secure database system using MPC or secret-sharing
    • Algorithm development for side-channel attacks on MPC
The work will expose the student to novel data management algorithms, advanced secure computing using cryptographic techniques, programming with secure hardware (Intel SGX), and cluster computing frameworks.

1. Adequate knowledge of cryptographic techniques/algorithms, programming, and relational database systems
2. Knowledge of Java, SQL, and C/C++
3. Familiarity with development tools for managing and building software projects, version control systems (Git), and testing tools (JUnit)
4. You must be an Undergraduate/Master student in computer science or a related field

Additional Information:
1. Starting date: As soon as possible
2. Please send your CV and other information (e.g., github account, sample projects, etc.) to: Shantanu Sharma (shantanu.sharma[AT]njit[DOT]edu)
3. Please write a few sentences in the email to introduce yourself and your interest in the position

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Important: For general questions regarding MS and PhD admission in the Department of Computer Science at NJIT, please see Link1 and Link 2. Regarding such information, please do NOT email me.