Physics Faculty

Trevor A. Tyson 

TREVOR A. TYSON, Professor, Physics, NJIT

OFFICE: 484 Tiernan Hall PHONE: (973) 642-4681


Contact Information

Office: (973) 642-4681
Laboratory: (973) 569-3131/8283
FAX: (973) 596-5794
Address: Department of Physics
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Room 452 Tiernan Hall
161 Warren Street
University Heights
Newark, New Jersey 07102-1982

Education, Awards, and Research

Education and Awards
Research Interests
Current Research
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Physics 103 (General Physics)
Physics 105 (Physics A)
Physics 111 (Physics I)
Physics 121 (Physics II)
Physics 122 (Electricity and Magnetism for ECE Applications)
Physics 234 (Physics III)
Physics 432(Electricity and Magnetism I)

Physics 433 (Electricity and Magnetism II)
Physics 450 (Advance Physics Laboratory)
Materials Science 602 (Thermodynamics of Materials)
Transition Metal Oxide Project for High School Students (HTSC and CMR Materials)

Major Research Instrumentation

10 T Split-Coil Superconducting Magnet for Synchrotron Research

2T Variable-Field Variable-Direction Magnet for Synchrotron Research


High Resolution Spectrometer -Pictures (Near Completion with X-Ray Raman Spectrum)
High Resolution X-Ray Spectrometer (Construction and Testing)

Development of Silicon Detectors for Synchrotron Based X-Ray Spectroscopy,
X-Ray Holography and Materials Education

Properties Measurement System for Education and Research in Energy Related Materials