Symposium on Data Science for Healthcare (DaSH)

Data Quality: Practices, Technologies and Implications
Sponsor: Leir Charitable Foundations, Supporter: NJIT
Oct 19, noon – Oct 20, 1:30PM, 2017, The Leir Retreat Center, Ridgefield, CT

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   Professor Yi Chen
   Henry J. Leir Chair in Healthcare,
   Co-director, Center for Big Data Analytics,
   Associate Professor,
   Martin Tuchman School of Management,

Advisory Board

Susan Davidson

Founding Co-Director,
Center for Bioinformatics,
Weiss Professor,
Computer & Info. Science, UPenn
Chair, CRA bd of Directors

Kathy Grise

Senior Program Director,
Big Data Initiatives,
Future Directions, IEEE

Bradford Hesse

Chief, Health Communication &
Informatics Research
National Cancer Institute,
National Institute of Health

Cheickna Sylla

Tuchman School of Management,

René Bastón

Executive Director,
Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub,
Columbia University