Symposium on Data Science for Healthcare (DaSH)

Data Quality: Practices, Technologies and Implications
Sponsor: Leir Charitable Foundations, Supporter: NJIT
Oct 19, noon – Oct 20, 1:30PM, 2017, The Leir Retreat Center, Ridgefield, CT

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   René Bastón

  Executive Director
  Northeast Big Data
  Innovation Hub,
  Columbia University


  David Belanger, PhD

  Senior Research Fellow,
  Stevens Institute of Technology


   Eric Brown, PhD

  Foundational Innovation,
  Watson Health, IBM


   Reggie Caudill, PhD

  Dean and Professor of Martin
  Tuchman SOM,
  Panasonic Chair of Sustainability,


   Soon Ae Chun, PhD

  Professor and Director,
  Information Systems and
  Informatics Program,
  The City Univ. of New York


   Atam P. Dhawan, PhD

  Vice Provost for Research
  and Development,
  Distinguished Professor,


Andrea L. Hartzler, PhD

  Associate professor,
  Dept of Biomedical Informatics
  and Medical Education,
  University of Washington


   Christopher Joyce,

  VP Enterprise Data Solutions,
  Anthem, Inc


   John Novak,

  Senior Director,
  Architecture and Gov Tech,
  Healthcare Delivery Systems iLab,
  New Jersey Innovation Institute


Frank A. Sonnenberg, MD

  Chief Medical Informatics Officer,   Professor of Medicine,
  Robert Wood Johnson Medical
  School, Rutgers

   Fei Wang, PhD

  Division of Health Informatics,
  Weill Cornell Medical School,
  Cornell University


   Niam Yaraghi, PhD

  Assistant Professor,
  School of Business,
  University of Connecticut

   Dantong Yu, PhD

   Associate Professor,
   Martin Tuchman SOM,


   Aidong Zhang, PhD

  Program Director, NSF,
  Distinguished Professor,
  Dept of Computer Science & Eng,
  University at Buffalo, SUNY


   Dongsong Zhang, PhD

  Dept of Information Systems,
  University of Maryland,
  Baltimore County