"On the miscible Rayleigh-Taylor instability". Click here for the abstract, and here for the main part of the thesis in pdf format (1.0MB).

Journal Articles

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  • Stratified Kolmogorov Flow: Part II, with N. Balmforth, accepted, to appear in Journal of Fluid Mechanics.
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    Conference Proceedings (* = refereed)

  • Stratified Kolmogorov flow, in Stirring and Mixing, 1999 Summer Study Program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics , Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Available from
  • *Transition from Eulerian to Lagrangian description of multiphase flows using the particle level set method, ILASS Americas 15th annual conference on liquid atomization and spray systems, Monterey, CA, May 2003.
  • *Stratified Kolmogorov flow, with N. Balmforth, Proceedings of the 12th Taylor-Couette Conference, September, 2001.
  • *On the miscible Rayleigh-Taylor instability: 2D versus 3D, with H. Tufo, A. Dubey and R. Rosner, Proceedings of the 2000 ICTAM meetings at Chicago, September, 2000.

    Technical Reports (* = referreed)

  • *Turbulent mixing of multiphase flows, with J. Ferziger, F. Ham and M. Herrmann, CTR Annual Review Brief, 2003.
  • *Subgrid scale modeling in solar convection simulations using ASH, with M. Miesch and N. Mansour, CTR Annual Review Brief, 2003.
  • *A Cartesian adaptive level set method for two-phase flows, with F. Ham, CTR Annual Review Brief, 2003.
  • *Interaction between turbulent flow and free surfaces, with F. Ham and N. Mansour, CTR Annual Review Brief, 2002.
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