Amitabha Bose

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    Fall 2022 Courses and Office Hours

       Math 745 Analysis: TF 10:00-11:20, Cullimore Hall 110 Syllabus

       Math 745 Office Hours: Tuesday 2:30-330, Friday 1:30-2:30


    Research Interests

     Sample Publications

       Zemlianova, K, Bose, A and Rinzel, J (2022) A biophysical counting mechanism for keeping time, Biological Cybernetics journal link

       Marcano, M, Bose, A and Bayman, P (2021) A one-dimensional map to study multi-seasonal coffee infestation by the coffee berry borer, Math Bio Sci 333, 108530

       Liao, G, Diekman, C, and Bose, A, (2020) Entrainment dynamics of forced hierarchical circadian systems revealed by 2-dimensional maps, SIADS 19, 2135-2161.

       Byrne, A, Rinzel, J, and Bose, A (2020), Order-indeterminant event-based maps for learning a beat, Chaos, 30, 083138

       Bose, A, Byrne, A and Rinzel, J (2019), A neuromechanistic model for rhythmic beat generation, PLoS Computational Biology, 15(5): e1006450, Press Release from PLOS, Coverage by Science Daily, A short summary article in SIAM News online

       Diekman, C. and Bose, A. (2018) Reentrainment of the circadian pacemaker during jet lag: East-west asymmetry and the effects of north-south travel, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 437, 261-285.



     Submitted Papers

       Liao, G and Bose, A, Dynamics of hierarchical networks of circdian oscillators, submitted December 2021

       Diekman, C and Bose, A , Beyond the limits of circadian entrainement: Non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder, shift work, and social jet lag, submitted October 2021


     Graduate Students

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