Amitabha Bose

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    Spring 2023 Courses and Office Hours

         Math 745 Analysis: TF 10:00-11:20, FMH - 309 Syllabus

         Math 745 Office Hours: Tuesday 11:30-12:30, Wednesday 9:30-10:30

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The PSA/AAUP, or simply the PSA, represents all tenured and tenure track faculty, University and Sr. University Lecturers, Professors of Practice, Visiting Professors, Professional Staff, Full-time instructors in their adjunct capacity and Academic Administrators, up to Associate Dean with academic rank. Please visit the PSA's website for more information, including how to become a PSA member. The PSA has three elected officers serving two-year terms (2022-2024). I am honored to serve in the role of President, alongside Faculty Vice President Burt Kimmelman, and Professional Staff Vice President Mike Kehoe.


     Sample Publications

         Liao, G, and Bose, A, (2022) Entrainment within hierarchical circadian networks, Math Bio Sci 351, 108883.

         Diekman, C and Bose, A , (2022) Beyond the limits of circadian entrainment: Non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder, shift work, and social jet lag, J. Theoretical Biology, 545 , 111148

         Zemlianova, K, Bose, A and Rinzel, J (2022) A biophysical counting mechanism for keeping time, Biological Cybernetics 116 , 205-216

         Marcano, M, Bose, A and Bayman, P (2021) A one-dimensional map to study multi-seasonal coffee infestation by the coffee berry borer, Math Bio Sci 333, 108530

         Bose, A, Byrne, A and Rinzel, J (2019), A neuromechanistic model for rhythmic beat generation, PLoS Computational Biology, 15(5): e1006450, Press Release from PLOS, Coverage by Science Daily, A short summary article in SIAM News online



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