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Micromanipulator Hot Stage & Controller

The HS system provides means of heating and cooling semiconductor wafers. The system is comprised of an HSM controller, a heat stage, depending upon system configuraion , with necessary hoses and electrical cables for interconnection.

Temperature settings are made on the HSM controller using the two front panel-mounted, three digit thumbwheel switches. Stage temperature is displayed on a three LED display, located directly above these switches. The HSM front panel also provides a four digit thumbwheel switch for setting the soak time, and a four digit display directly above, which indicates the remaining soak time. Additional front panel controls are the AC power switch, Start/Step, Auto/Manual, Abort and an optional IEEE-488 Bus and CV Plotting interface. In addition, air and water input hose connection are provided along with the stage cooling and cooling ring output connections to the stage.

The heat stage is a cast aluminum unit with integral heater and cooling tubes to maintain a low case temperature. The stage assembly is mounted upon a brass stand-off which is also water cooled.

Input Power: 120 V AC, single phase, 60Hz 10A
Water Supply: 10 - 40 psi
Air Supply: 10 - 40 psi
Drain: Zero back pressure: cannnot be connected to closed loop water supply.
Set Point Resolution: 1°C
Accuracy: Heating ±1°C.
Resolution: Better than 0.1°C.
Stabilization Time: 1 minute from power on.
Temperature Control Range: Ambient to 399 °C
Heating Rate: Ambient to 300 °C: 4 minute.
Cooling Rate: 300 °C to ambient: 3 minute.
Operating Ambient: 10 °C (50 °F) to 40 °C (104 °F)