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    • Editor: Journal of Advanced Transportation
    • Associate Editor: Urban Rail Transit
    • Editorial Board Member: 公路学报
    • Editorial Board Member: Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering
    • Editorial Board Member: Journal of Enterprise Information Management
    • Editorial Board Member: Designs


    • Journal of Transportation Engineering, ASCE
    • Journal of Waterway, Port, and Ocean Engineering, ASCE
    • Journal of Transportation Research Board
    • Journal of Advanced Transportation
    • Journal of ITS
    • Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
    • The Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation Engineering
    • Scientia Iranica
    • Computer-Aided Scheduling of Public Transport (CASPT)
    • IEEE-ITS
    • Transportation Research (TR) – Part A,B,C,E
    • International Journal of Forecasting
    • International Journal of Modelling and Simulation
    • Transportmetrica
    • International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory
    • Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
    • Journal Environmental Informatics
    • Networks
    • Journal of Rail Rapid Transit
    • Energies
    • Automation in Construction
    • Journal of Transport and Health
    • Journal of Transportation Safety and Security
    • Journal of Risk and Reliability
    • Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering
    • International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research
    • Designs


    • National Corporated High Research Program (NCHRP)
    • Transit Corporated Research Program (TCRP)
    • Transportation Research Board (TRB)
    • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
    • Delware Transportation Institute (DTI)
    • University Transportation Center-Region 1 (New England)
    • National Center for Transportation and Industrial Productivity (NCTIP)
    • Transportation Northwest, University Transportation Center-Region 10
    • CUNY Collaborate Incentive Research Grant Program, The City University of New York
    • Research Grant Council, Hong Kong, China Maryland Industrial Partnerships Program, University of Maryland, MD
    • University Transportation Research Center - Region II (UTRC-II CUNY)
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