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Micro and Nano Mechanics Laboratory
Newark College of Engineering

Principal Investigator

Siva Nadimpalli
Associate Professor
MEC 325A
973 596 3678

Postdoc, Brown Univeristy, USA, 2013
PhD, University of Toronto, Canada, 2011
MSc, Indian Institute of Science, India, 2004
BE, Andhra University, India, 2002

PhD Candidates
Igor Bezsonov
BS, Mechanical Engineering, New York University

Thesis: Durability of lithium-ion battery electrodes
Igor Bezsonov, PhD student
Akshay Pakhare
M.E. in Metallurgical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bandalore, India

MEC 106
Thesis: Fracture characterization of battery materials
Subhajit Rakshit
M.E. in Materials Science, Jadavpur University, India
MEC 106

Thesis: Mechanics of intercalation battery anodes and their degradation
Subhajith's photo

Master's Students
Kyle Watt
B.S in Mechanical Engineering, NJIT
Richard Johnson
B.S in Mechanical Engineering, NJI, PDF version my CV
Richard's photo
Undergraduate students

1) Nocholas Keator

2) Pranav Mirchandani


PhD Students
Rajasekhar Tripuraneni, graduate in Dec 2017.

Current position: Postdoctoal Research Associate, Harvard Medical School, Boston

Raj photo

Master's Thesis Students

Patrick Thompson, Graduate in May 2016
Thesis: Effect of Temperature on the Fracture Behavior of Lead-free Solder Joints
Current position: Mechanical Engineer, NavAir Systems Command, Lakehurst, NJ

Masters's Project Students

Liu Ye, Graduated in May 2015
Project: Design of experimental setup for mechanical characterizatio of thin film electrodes

Undergraduate Students
Arnuparp Sentimetaneedol 2014-15 
Project: Mechanical characterization of thin film polymers
(Now: Pursuing graduate studies the Columbia University, NY)

Brian Taylor 2014-2015
Project: Design and assembly of microtensile test setup
(Now: Pursuing graduate studies in Rochester Institute of Technology, NY)

Victor Rodriguez 2014
Project: Finite element modeling of battery operation

Christopher Farrell 2014
Project: Analysis of thin shell buckling due to thermal stresses

Visiting Students
Shivam Raikundalia 2015 (Brown University, Providence RI)

Project: Fracture of Battery Electrodes

Sanjana Pareek 2015
Heritage Institute of Technology, Calcutta, India

Project: Mechanical Characterization of Polymer Composites for Advanced Battery Applications
Samprit Basu 2016
Heritage Institute of Technology, Culcutta, India
Project: Finite Element Modeling of the 3D printed Parts


1. Prof. Vivek Shenoy, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA
2. Prof. Shawn Chester, NJIT, Newark, NJ, USA
3. Prof. Amir Ameli, University of Washington Tri-Cities, Richland, WA, USA
4. Prof. Vijay Sethuraman, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

We are always looking for enthusiastic students with solid mechancs background. If you are interested in joining our research group and would like to know more information, please send an email to nadimpal@njit.edu. I promise that you will get a response if your background matches with our research needs.

MNM Lab, Prof. Siva Nadimpalli, Office: 973 596 3678, Lab: 973 596 5667, Email: nadimpal@njit.edu
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Updated on 28 August 2018.