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  Much of my work involve some type of teamwork and collaboration. As a project leader being in charge of NJIT's web development and design I have to constantly work with my team and people from other departments.  
  IST website  
  This site is an example of product that involved strong collaboration and teamwork. As a team leader I am in charge of two people under me that work on website content and software download section. The website is very dynamic and has to be updated on a daily basis. The information that this website contains came from many other departments. I have to communicate with representatives from these departments on daily basis.  
  "SoftKeep" - software management system  
  This application was developed as a teamwork that consisted myself and group of students. It started as a class project that included the  work of five people and then it was incorporated into the real environment and used by my department. This project was completed by another team, that used existing documentation to create web applications that are used today to manage our software. The application is available on the web, but only a select few employees have access to it. I can not disclose the internet location of that website, just the documentation that was used to create that application.  
  Frederic Taylor (.doc, 59,392 KB)  
  This paper was a group project that describes the work of one of  the greatest economist. I was involve in writing biography of Frederic Taylor and editing this paper.  

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