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Work Skills and Personal Traits

  Working as a teacher for about twenty years and having strong technical knowledge and experience allows me to solve difficult technical problems and make the right decisions when needed.  I approach all projects, whether academic or professional with dedication and commitment.   

Technical Presentations:

  I am in charge of developing training material that is used for professional staff and faculty training in NJIT. My work can be view from: and then click on Resources.



Website design:

  I am in charge of design and development of our departmental website. Please visit to see my work. The website is a product not only single person but a team that I am in charge of.




  I like to paint, but unfortunately I don't have much time to be more creative in this area. Below are some examples of my paintings.


Picture gallery examples:


Painting 1:Falling Angels
In Remembrance of you
Painting 2: In Remembrance of you
Painting 3: Fairies
Painting 4
Painting 5: Jesus
Painting 4: Happines
Painting 4:Window



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