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  My expertise is more technical than related to technical communication. I am a trainer and web developer. My specialized expertise includes database design and programming. I also have strong management skills as well as a background in art and design.  
  Database Design - Video Store (.doc, 2,908,672 KB)  
  For this project my class team designed an on-line Video Store application. The Word document has  the software requirements for the Video Store Management System.  The system will facilitate an information system that a video company can use to manage the rentals of videos and video equipment.  The Word document below has all documentation that is needed to run the on-line store.


   Software Management System "SoftKeep" (.doc, 846,336 KB)  
  "SoftKeep" is a software management program designed to manage NJIT's software and licenses.  The software is accessible through the web and allows information to be entered about software and licenses, generates reports and allows software key additions. Many of the manual processes that took a long time to be completed are now automated and can be completed automatically.  
  Java programming project: Chat Room (.doc, 65,536 KB)  
  This project is an online chat room. It is required to start servers on the NJIT website before the Chat Room can be used.  

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