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  Knowing technology is very important nowadays. This includes Microsoft Office applications, web design, development tools and graphics programs. Knowledge of these applications will determine how professional and advanced is your document design.  

Graphic Tools:

  Website Banner (.PNG, 51 KB)  

In creating this banner, I used various technologies, from the image editing program GIMP and Photoshop. I was able to take an existing image of my painting  -- and add text to it and border.

  Internet 2 DAY Flyer (.PDF, 78,835)  
  This is a flyer created to advertise Internet 2 DAY that was organized by NJIT and managed by ACS and Media Services. I was in the management team and my responsibilities included managing the event. I used Microsoft Publisher to design this document.  


  Frederic Taylor (.PPT, 5,199,872 KB) and Modern Times (.AVI, 5583750 KB)   
  Presentation about Frederic Taylor with video clip in it. This example demonstrate how to attach video clip to the presentation.  

Form design:

Interview (.doc, 386,560 KB)

This Word document shows that this application can used to create forms. This is a form that was design to conduct an interview with different departments in our university to estimate training needs.

Visio charts:

Software request chart (.vsd, 104,448 KB)

The software request chart was created in Visio to illustrate in detail the process of requesting software by faculty, staff or students.





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