DMS Scientific Computing Information and Resources

These webpages provide information for all members of DMS/CAMS, as well as a coherent presentation of the local and Institute-wide computing resources that are available.

DMS, through the grant-related efforts of many of its members, has accumulated a number of computing platforms available for use in scientific computing projects. These resources are open to all faculty and graduate students who can demonstrate a need for them. You can peruse some examples of work done using our resources here. These resources have been funded in part by the NSF, AFOSR, ONR, NIH, and other agencies, as well as NJIT. For hardware/software used by the Applied Statistics faculty/students please see here.

These pages eventually will provide a significant amount of information on the computing resources available through the DMS/CAMS website.  However, the completion and maintenance of these webpages require a significant amount of time. Therefore, users of these pages are asked to help out in keeping them up to date and complete. Please email me any comments/questions/suggestions that these pages generate.  Also, let me know if any link on these pages is broken. Your input will benefit all who regularly visit this site.

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