Albert Marquet, Sidi Bou Said, 1923



Ali Mili


Professor and Associate Dean


College of Computing Science, GITC 5708

New Jersey Institute of Technology,

University Heights,  Newark NJ 07102-1982

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Ph: (973) 586 5215 Fax: (973) 596 5777


Doctorat es-Sciences, Grenoble (1985)

PhD, Illinois (1981)                                                    

Doctorat de 3eme Cycle, Grenoble (1978)



DEA, Maitrise, Grenoble (1977)                                    

DEUG, Perpignan (1974)                                                   

Pre-Engineering, Tunis (1973)







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Software Engineering Laboratory @ NJIT





Secure Computing Initiative





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Courses taught recently

CS 610:  Data Structures and Algorithms


CS 684:  Software Quality and Testing


CS 673:  Software Design

Recent Books




Software Testing, 2015


Software Reuse, 2002




Recent Papers






Toward a Theory of Program Repair









Fault Density, Fault Depth, and Fault Multiplicity:  The Reward of Discernment

QRS 2019, Sofia, BG, July 2019


Quantitative Metrics for Mutation Testing

ICSOFT 2019, July 2019


Estimating the Number of Equivalent Mutants

MUTATION 2019, Xi’An, April 19


Program Repair at Arbitrary Fault Depth

ICST 2019, Xi’An, China, April 19


Programming Without Refinement

REFINE ‘18, Oxford, UK July 2018

Convergence:  Integrating Termination and Abort Freedom.

JLAMP, 2018.


What is a Fault?  And Why Does It Matter?   ISSE, August 2017.


Estimating the Survival rate of Mutants.  ICSOFT, Madrid, July 2017 

A Generic Algorithm for Program Repair.  FormaliSE 2017.  Buenos Aires, May 2017.


Projecting Programs on Specifications:  Definitions and Implications.  SCP, 2017.

Relative Correctness:  A Bridge Between Proving and Testing.

VeCoS, 2016.  Tunis, October 2016


Software Evolution by Correctness Enhancement.  SEKE 2016.  San Francisco, CA July 2016.



Program Repair with Stepwise Correctness Enhancement, PrePost 2016.  Reykjavik, Iceland, June 2016.


Debugging Without Testing, ICST 2016.  Chicago, IL, April 2016.


Relational Mathematics for Relative Correctness,  RAMICS 2015, September 2015.


Program Derivation by Correctness Enhancements, Refinement 2015.  Oslo, Norway, June 2015.


Correctness and Relative Correctness, ICSE 2015.  Firenze, Italy, May 2015.


Invariant Assertions, Invariant Functions, and Invariant Relations, SCP, 2014


Verification of Correctness and Incorrectness, IJCCBS 2014


Semantic Metrics, ISSE 2014