Yuan N. Young

Associate Professor

Cullimore Hall, Room 519, University Heights
Department of Mathematical Sciences
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ 07102

973-642-7034 (office)
973-596-5591 (FAX)

E-mail: yyoung@oak.njit.edu

Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences at NJIT, Newark, NJ, Summer 2010 - present
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences at NJIT, Newark, NJ, Fall 2004 - Spring 2010
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Turbulence Research, Stanford University, working with Doron Levy at Stanford's Mathematics Department and Nagi Mansour at NASA Ames Research Center, Fall 2002 - July 2004
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics at Northwestern University. Supervisor: Hermann Riecke, Fall 2000 - August 2002.
  • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Fellow and Visitor at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution , Summer 1998, 1999, 2001, and 2005.
  • Graduate Student in Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at University of Chicago. Supervisor: Robert Rosner, Fall 1994-Spring 2000

    Research Interests

    Cellular Modeling in Bio-mathematics and Biophysics

  • mechanotransduction by primary cilia
  • interaction between surfactants, proteins, and lipid bilayer membranes
  • membrane and actin (or cytoskeletal) network
  • poration of membrane and membrane-cytoskeleton systems
  • DNA and biopolymer dynamics in flow

    Complex Fluid Dynamics

  • fluid-structure interaction: elastic, inextensible fiber in Stokesian flow
  • bio-polymer (actin filaments, for example) and its interaction with motor proteins (myosin, for example)
  • interaction between filament and interface

    Numerical methods and analysis

  • fast, coarse-grained simulations of lipid bilayer membrane with solvents

    Fluid Dynamics

  • electrohydrodynamics, with or without electrolytes
  • two-phase flows, effect of (soluble and insoluble) surfactants and micelles
  • mixing of two-phase flows
  • pattern-forming hydrodynamical systems and defect chaos
  • stirring and mixing, transport and particle dynamics
  • geophysical fluid dynamics: stratified shear flow, wind-driven surface waves and air-sea exchange


  • NSF-DMS 1222550, 2012-2015
  • NSF-CBET 0853673, 2009-2011
  • NSF-DMS 1009105, 2010-2014 (Co-PI)
  • NSF-DMS 0620832, 2006-2010 (Co-PI)
  • NSF-DMS 0708977, 2007-2010 (Co-PI)


    I am teaching M611 and M211 in Fall 2013.

  • M611, Numerical Methods for Engineers (Graduate level), Fall Semester 2013

    Here are a few courses I've taught in the past.

  • M651, Applied Mathematics - Methods 1, Fall Semester 2011
  • M614, Numerical Methods I, Spring Semester 2005
  • M337, Linear Algebra, Fall Semester 2004

    Services for the department

    I am organizing the departmental colloquium and chairing other seminar series this year.

    Applied Math Colloquium (Fall 2013)

  • Applied Math Colloquium, Fall 2013

    Applied Math Colloquium (Spring 2013)

  • Applied Math Colloquium, Spring 2013

    I have organized the fluid seminar from Fall 2005 to Spring 2010.

    In addition, I have also served on the library committee and as advisors for math minors, math majors, and two graduate students (Herve Nganguia and Szu-Pei Fu).

    Services for the community

    I have been an active referee for a dozen of top-ranked journals and have served on panels for grants for several funding agencies.


    (in postscript or pdf format, may need to gunzip in order to view or print; please email me if you are having trouble with these files)

    "On the miscible Rayleigh-Taylor instability". Click here for the abstract, and here for the main part of the thesis in pdf format (1.0MB).

    Journal and Invited Review Articles

  • Efficient Brownian Dynamics Simulation of A Single DNA with Hydrodynamic Interactions in Linear Flows, Phys. Rev. E, with S.-P. Fu and S. Jiang, resubmitted, April 2015.
  • An Immersed Interface Method for Axisymmetric Electrohydrodynamic Simulations in Stokes Flow, CiCP, with H. Nganguia, A. T. Layton, W.-F. Hu and M.-C. Lai, accepted, March 2015.
  • Electrohydrodynamic instability of a capacitive elastic membrane (.pdf), Phys. Fluids, with M. J. Miksis, 27, 022102, 2015.
  • A hybrid immersed boundary and immersed interface method for electrohydrodynamic simulations (.pdf), J. Comp. Phys., with Wei-Fan Hu and Ming-Chih Lai, 282, 47-61, 2015 (available online on November 11, 2014).
  • Multiscale modeling of primary cilia, Multiscale Modeling in Biomechanics and Mechanobiology, (Edited by Surranu De, Wonmuk Huang and Ellen Kuhl), published by Springer, 2014.
  • Long-wave Dynamics of an Inextensible Planar Membrane in an Electric Field (.pdf), J. Fluid Mech., 751, 406-431, 2014.
  • Dynamics of the Primary Cilium in Time-Periodic Flows (.pdf), Contemporary Mathematics, 628, 91, 2014.
  • Equilibrium Electrodeformation of a Spheroidal Vesicle in an AC Electric Field (.pdf), Phys. Rev. E, 88, 052718, 2013.
  • Equilibrium Electro-deformation of a Surfactant-laden Viscous Drop (.pdf), with Herve Nganguia, P. M. Vlahovska, Jerzy Blawzdziewcz, J. Zhang and H. Lin, Phys. Fluids, 25, 092106, 2013.
  • Dynamics of the Primary Cilium in Shear Flow (.pdf), with M. Downs and C. R. Jacobs, Biophysical Journal, 103, 629-639, 2012.
  • Modeling a semi-flexible filament in cellular Stokes flow using regularized Stokeslets (.pdf), with E. L. Bouzarth and A. T. Layton, Int. J. Numer. Meth. Biomed. Engng., 27, 2021-2034, 2011.
  • Dynamics of a compound vesicle in shear flow (.pdf), with S. Veerapaneni, P. Vlahovska and J. Blawzdziewicz, Physical Review Letters, 106, 158103, 2011.
  • Dynamics of a non-spherical microcapsule with incompressible interface in shear flow, with P. Vlahovska, G. Danker and C. Misbah, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 678, 221-247, 2011.
  • Dynamics of a semiflexible polar filament in Stokes flow, Physical Review E, 82, 016309, 2010.
  • Nonlinear hydrodynamic phenomena in Stokes flow regime with J. Blawzdziewicz, R. Goodman, N. Khurana, E. Wajnryb, Physica D, 239, (14) 1214-1224, 2010.
  • Influence of surfactant solubility on the deformation and breakup of a bubble or capillary jet in a viscous fluid (.pdf), with M. R. Booty, M. Siegel and J. Li, Physics of Fluids, 21, 072105, 2009.
  • Hydrodynamic interactions between two semi-flexible in-extensible filaments in Stokes flow (.pdf), Physical Review E, 79, 046317, 2009.
  • Hysteretic and chaotic dynamics of viscous drops in creeping flows with rotation (.pdf), with Jerzy Blawzdziewicz, V. Cristini and R. H. Goodman, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 607, 209-234, 2008.
  • Influence of insoluble surfactant on the deformation and breakup of a bubble or thread in a viscous fluid (.pdf), with M. Hameed, M. Siegel, J. Li, M. R. Booty and D. T. Papageorgiou, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 594, 307-340, 2008.
  • A stretch-coil transition and transport of fibers in cellular flows (.pdf), with Mike Shelley, Physical Review Letters, 99, 058303, 2007.
  • Limits of the potential flow approach to the single-mode Rayleigh-Taylor problem (.pdf), with P. Ramaprabhu, Guy Dimonte, A. C. Calder and B. Fryxell, Physical Review E, 74, 74, 066308, 2006.
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  • A comparative study of the turbulent Rayleigh-Taylor instability using high-resolution 3D numerical simulations: The Alpha-Group collaboration (.pdf), with G. Dimonte and the alpha-group, Physics of Fluids, 16(5), 1668-1693, 2004.
  • Weakly non-linear analysis of wind-driven gravity waves (.pdf), with A. Alexakis and R. Rosner, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 503 171-200, 2004.
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  • Linear stability analysis of doubly-diffusive vertical slot convection, with R. Rosner, Physical Review E, 57, 1183-1186, 1998.

    Conference Proceedings (* = refereed)

  • Stratified Kolmogorov flow, in Stirring and Mixing, 1999 Summer Study Program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics , Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Available from http://gfd.whoi.edu/.
  • *Transition from Eulerian to Lagrangian description of multiphase flows using the particle level set method, ILASS Americas 15th annual conference on liquid atomization and spray systems, Monterey, CA, May 2003.
  • *Stratified Kolmogorov flow, with N. Balmforth, Proceedings of the 12th Taylor-Couette Conference, September, 2001.
  • *On the miscible Rayleigh-Taylor instability: 2D versus 3D, with H. Tufo, A. Dubey and R. Rosner, Proceedings of the 2000 ICTAM meetings at Chicago, September, 2000.

    Technical Reports (* = referreed)

  • *Turbulent mixing of multiphase flows, with J. Ferziger, F. Ham and M. Herrmann, CTR Annual Review Brief, 2003.
  • *Subgrid scale modeling in solar convection simulations using ASH, with M. Miesch and N. Mansour, CTR Annual Review Brief, 2003.
  • *A Cartesian adaptive level set method for two-phase flows, with F. Ham, CTR Annual Review Brief, 2003.
  • *Interaction between turbulent flow and free surfaces, with F. Ham and N. Mansour, CTR Annual Review Brief, 2002.

    Other info

  • A movie
  • A movie of unwinding of coiled filament
  • A link to simulation results of filament in cellular flow
  • A postscript and pdf version of my CV.
  • NJIT math
  • My NJIT


  • For Shravan and Mike A movie of the membrane profile with charge density for the color coding
  • For Shravan and Mike A movie of the membrane profile with Vm for the color coding
  • For Shravan and Mike Another movie of the membrane profile with charge density Q for color coding
  • F.tex
  • g.tex
  • RT2_01.jpg
  • RT2_01.eps
  • Shravan Surface Wave Movie
  • eta=1 in a cellular flow
  • eta=1 in a cellular flow
  • Joline
  • A link for CL
  • A link for CL
  • Vesicle01.mov Vesicle01.mov Vesicle01.mov
  • FlowOn.avi FlowOff.avi
  • 1st Link
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