PHYSICS 105    Winter 2007



Andrei Sirenko  

423E Tiernan, 

tel: (973) 596-5342



Office hours                                          M,T,W,R   1:00 – 2:00 pm

First Day of the Class                         Dec. 27, 2006

Last Day of the Class (Final Exam)    Jan. 12, 2007                         


Lectures and Recitations:                 9:00 am – 12:45 pm            KUPF 105

Calendar:   Classes Meet December 27, 28, 29, January  2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (twelve class days)

Make-up days for weather cancellation: January 15


Home works: text will be provided by your Instructor


Syllabus                (see below)                           

Equations for the Common Exams (you can use this file or feel free to make your own 1-page Equation sheet)


LECTURE NOTES:     for Phys105-Winter-2007:


Day 1:                     Introduction and Measurements

Day 2:                     Motion along a Straight Line, Motion Diagrams

Day 3:                     Vectors;                 Motion in Two and Three Dimensions - Projectile Motion

Day 4:                     Force and Motion – I; Free Body Diagrams    Force and Motion – I; Effect of Forces on Motion; Newton’s Three Laws

Day 5:                     Force and Motion – II; Properties of Friction

Day 6:                     Circular Motion and Centripetal Forces           Review 1 and CQZ1             Review 2 and CQZ2

Day 7:                     MIDTERM  EXAM

Day 8:                     Kinetic Energy and Work (Vectors – Scalar Product)  Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy

Day 9:                     Conservation of Energy; Problem Solving Tactics

Day 10                    System of Particles; Linear Momentum            Collisions and Impulse; Conservation of Momentum   Collisions in One         and Two Dimensions

Day 11:                   Review 3 and CQZ3             Review for the Final Exam – I

Day 12:                   FINAL  EXAM


  • Examples of the Common QZ’s


Example-CQZ1      Example-CQZ1key

Example-CQZ2      Example2-CQZ2

Example-CQZ3      Example2-CQZ3


  • Examples of the FINAL EXAM:

                        Final1     Final1-solutions   Final2-solutions


Drop Date/Refund Policy

       December 29, 4:30pm: 100% refund; no refund after December 29.

All drops must be completed via Highlander Pipeline.

Physics 105 Course Syllabus - Winter 2007


Lectures / Recitations:


Pre- and Co-requisite Courses:


§          Calculus and vectors will be used.

§         All students must register for a lecture and recitation section. 

Course Materials:


§         Primary text (FOP):  Fundamentals of Physics, Volume 1, Seventh Edition, Halliday, Resnick and Walker (Wiley, New York, 2004).  Physics 105 uses Chapters 1 - 9.    (Abbreviation: FOP)

§         Web Sites:  Instructors will use the course web site and their own web sites for posting lecture notes, problems, exam results, study materials, etc.  So go there often.


Assignments:  The weekly text is listed in the schedule below.


§         The weekly text readings are in FOP (Halliday & Resnick).  Read each assigned section before the Lecture covering the material in it.  Download instructor’s lecture notes if available and bring them to class.

§         It is almost impossible to succeed in this course without working a lot of problems.  There is a set of “practice problems” posted for you on-line, with solutions.  These will not be graded, but they are a good way to get up to speed before doing the online homework and they are a favorite source of exam questions.

§         Each student must download the homework problem assignments from the University of Texas homework system and submit the solutions online before each assignment is due.  Late work will not be accepted. In general, you will have about a week after homework is assigned to submit it.

§         Homework scores count for 10% of your final grade in the course.  Students who do not turn in the homework are automatically lowering their class average by up to 10%.

§         Homework due dates will be announced by each instructor.  They depend on the class schedule but will generally allow you at least one week-end to complete to complete. 

Short Quizzes:  Short quizzes covering the preceding week’s work will usually be given during each lecture and/or recitation.  The grades count toward your final course grade.  There will be no make-up quizzes.

Examinations:   There will be three Common Exams and a comprehensive Final Exam during the term.   You will be allowed to use formula sheets and calculators. 

The schedule is:

Midterm Exam                       Friday, Jan 5th        9:00 am – 11:30 am                KUPF 105

Final Exam                             Friday, Jan 12th      9:00 am – 11:30 am                KUPF 105

Grading: The final grade will be based on a composite score that includes each common exam, the final exam, the lecture quizzes, homework, and your workshop score.  The weights we expect to use in calculating the composite score are:

§         40%  for Midterm Exam and common QZ’s

§         50%  for the final exam

§         10%  for the total homework grade


Grade                     %

A:                            80+

B+:                          75 - 80

B:                            70 - 75

C+:                          65 - 70

C:                            50 - 65

D:                            45 - 50

F:                             below 45


Attendance:   Attendance at lectures, recitation classes, and workshops is mandatory.  A total of 3 unexcused absences from lecture, recitation, and workshop in any combination can result in a student being dropped from the course.    Instructors will take attendance regularly.  The Dean of Students will be notified of excessive absences. Students with several excusable absences should contact the Dean of Freshman Studies.  If you withdraw from the course, do it officially through the Registrar; do not simply stop attending and taking exams.  Students who withdraw unofficially force the instructor to assign an "F" grade for the course.

Study Groups:  Students find it helpful to form small, informal groups that study work on homework together.  Talking about the concepts, logic, problem-solving methods, etc. with others makes it much easier to learn.  Collaborative learning works and produces better grades.  Socialization is a bonus but should not be the main activity.

Honor Code Violations or Disruptive Behavior:  NJIT policy is zero-tolerance for cheating of any kind and for student behavior that disrupts learning by others.  Incidents will be immediately reported to the Dean of Studies.  The penalties for violations range from a minimum of failure in the course plus disciplinary probation up to expulsion from NJIT with notations on a students' permanent record.  Avoid situations where your own honorable behavior could be misinterpreted.  Students will be required to agree to the NJIT Honor Code on each exam.

Courtesy:  Please do not eat, drink, or create noise that interferes with the work of students or instructors.  Cellular phones, wireless devices, notebook computers, and messaging devices of all kinds are useless during class meetings and exams and must be turned off.

SPhysics 105 Schedule and Assignments - Winter 2007



Date and Lecture Topic



Text Assignment

Day 1

Introduction and Measurements


Chap. 1

Day 2

Motion Along a Straight Line, Motion  Diagrams         


Chap. 2,

Day 3


Motion in Two and  Three Dimensions - Projectile Motion


Chap.  3, Sect 1-7 

Chap.  4, Sect 1-7

Day 4

Force and Motion – I

Free Body Diagrams

Force and Motion – I,

Effect of Forces on Motion

Newton’s Three Laws        


Chap. 5, Sect 1-9       

Day 5

Force and Motion – II

Properties of Friction


Chap. 6, Sect 1-3


Day 6

Circular Motion and

Centripetal Forces



Chap. 6,  Sect 5



Day 7



Day 8

Kinetic Energy and Work

(Vectors – Scalar Product)

Potential Energy and

Conservation of Energy


Chap. 7

Chap3, Sect 8

Chap. 8, Sect 1-5


Day 9

Conservation of Energy

Problem Solving Tactics


Chap. 8, Sect 7, 8

Day 10

System of Particles

Linear Momentum

Collisions and Impulse

Conservation of Momentum

Collisions in One  and Two Dimensions




Chap. 9, Sect 1-11


Day 11

Review for the Final Exam


FOP Chap. 1 - 9

Day 12

FINAL  EXAM (Comprehensive)