Congratulations Prof. Voronov’s research assistant Vasilios Halkias for winning the 2020 NAFEMS Student Award for his work on creating COMSOL, Inc. visual teaching aid apps (can be used to help administer laboratory courses virtually during the Covid19 pandemic): This is work is a part of a project funded by the Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering (CACHE):

2020 NAFEMS Student Award

Diego Franco and Christian Kielbowicz, CME students and Prof. Voronov’s undergraduate research assistants, have both been awarded the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) supercomputing scholarships. The award will pay them summer stipends to acquire the skills necessary for contributing to the work of XSEDE. Specifically, Dr. Voronov will personally mentor the students over the course of the next two months by engaging them in a variety of XSEDE activities: such as, parallel programming and debugging, the use of supercomputing clusters, and visualization of large data. Ultimately, Diego and Christian will help contribute to Prof. Voronov’s project titled: “Growing Artificial Tissues using Machine Learning-based Controls”. As a part of this work, the students will help to develop algorithms for directing cell behavior in lab-grown cultures, based on real time super-resolution microscopy observations. This work will help to develop future 3D cell culture biomanufacturing technologies, which will be ultimately used for: 1) testing and generation of virus vaccines, 2) drug screening (e.g., anti-cancer therapy) and 3) regenerative medicine (i.e., tissue engineering).

Diego Franco
Christian Kielbowicz

PhD student Anne (Anh) Tong won $3,000 in an elevator pitch New Business Model Competition. Many entrepreneurs submit practical innovative ideas for review by a panel of judges at a chance to win a $3,000 summer fellowship to pay them to work on their idea. Program sponsor Capital One provides Innovation Acceleration Fellowships to winners ($3,000 each). The Fellowships allow winners to work on their business ideas, while they participate in the NJIT Martin Tuchman School of Management Summer Lean Start-up Accelerator. Anne and only three other students received the 3k award out of the 92 initial competitors.

(Pictured L to R: Michael Ehrlich, Ahn Tong, Thomas Ungerland, and Owais Aftab)
(Pictured L to R: Michael Ehrlich, Ahn Tong, Thomas Ungerland, and Owais Aftab)

Learn more about the competition here:

New Business Model Competition

Prof. Voronov’s ChemE Car Team placed 2nd in the ChemE Car Poster Competition @ AICHE2019 Regionals at Penn State University:

ChemE Car Poster 2nd Place AICHE 2019 Regionals @Penn State U

2018-2019 Blue Waters Supercomputing Internship Winner

Migle Surblyte's Photo

Migle Surblyte, is Computer Science sophomore who was one of out of just 19 students across the nation to receive this prestigious Supercomputing award. Her internship will involve developing code to investigate novel mechanisms of blood clot formation using Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy and Lattice Boltzmann Method computational fluid dynamics.
Under the guidance of Dr. Roman Voronov, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, this research seeks to aid the development of anti-thrombotic drugs by furthering the understanding of how blood clots form and what factors lead to their break up. Two leading causes of death in the United States are brain strokes and heart attacks, both of which are caused by bursting blood clots. This research could lead to improved outcomes for the 750,000 Americans affected by these two conditions each year.

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Vatsal Shah's Photo

Vatsal Shah, a Mechanical Engineering/Computer Science sophomore supervised by Prof. Voronov, has received the URI Spring 2018 Phase-1 Student Seed Grant to commercialize automated culturing technology for live cell experiments. He has also been awarded the Provost Summer Research Fellowship Award during the Summer of 2017 and the Summer of 2018.

Anh Tong's Photo

Chemical Engineering Ph.D. Student Anh Tong has been awarded the NSF I-Corps Site Spring 2018 Award to commercialize advanced tissue engineering scaffold technology.

NJIT Awards

Pictured from left to right: Derek Huang, Johanna Lopez Benitez and Sebastian Villegas

1st Place Winners of the 2017 Senior Design Showcase Competition in NJIT’s Electrical Engineering
Roman Voronov, assistant professor of Chemical Engineering, advised his team consisting of Sebastian Villegas, Johanna Lopez Benitez, and Derek Huan to win 1st Prize in the Senior Design Showcase Competition. The three undergraduate senior students of the Electrical Engineering department were mentored by Long Pham, PhD student, chemical engineering. Their project is titled “A Low-Cost, Scalable, Transparent Environment with Integrated Temperature Control and Automated Pneumatic Pumping for Live Cell Microcopy Experiments.”

Anh Tong's Photo

Ph.D. Student Anh Tong has been awarded the 2017 Provost Doctoral Assistantship. The award will cover her tuition for a period of two years.

Long Pham's Photo

Chemical Engineering Ph.D. Long Pham has been awarded the NSF I-Corps Site Spring 2017 Award to commercialize an “Inexpensive Photomask Aligning Device For Microfluidic Chip Fabrication”

2017 Provost Summer Research Fellowship Awards:
Migle Surblyte – Computer Science
Austin Matthew – Bioengineering
Vatsal Shah – Mechanical Engineering/Computer Science

2016 Provost Summer Research Fellowship Awards:
Michael Henry Fredericks – Chemical Engineering
Paul M Abatemarco – Chemical Engineering
Ryan Rayman – Biology

2015 Provost Summer Research Fellowship Awards:
Marcus J. Taylor – Chemical Engineering
Kolawole Campbell – Electrical Engineering
Brandon R. Jones – Physics