Cell Migration

Cell Migration image

Prof. Voronov’s first experimental works explain single cell behavior in microscopic tissue-like pores.

Selected Publications:

  1. Quang Long Pham, Nhat Anh Nguyen Tong, Lydia N. Rodrigues, Yang Zhao, Migle Surblyte, Diomar Ramos, John Brito, Adwik Rahematpura and Voronov, R. S. “Ranking Migration Cue Contributions to Guiding Individual Fibroblasts Faced with a Directional Decision in Simple Microfluidic Bifurcations.” Integrative Biology, 2019. (Accepted)
  2. Pham, Q.L., Rodrigues, L.N., Maximov, M.A. Chandran, V. D., Bi, C., Chege, D., Dijamco, T., Stein, E., Tong, N. A., Basuray, S., and Voronov, R. S. 2018:
    “Cell Sequence and Mitosis Affect Fibroblast Directional Decision-Making During Chemotaxis in Microfluidic Mazes.”
    Cel. Mol. Bioeng., 1–12.
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