Education Research

J.E. Bara, A.N.F. Versypt, R.B. Getman, C.A. Kieslich, and R.S. Voronov. “Apps for Chemical Engineering Education: Off the Shelf and Do It Yourself Development Options”. Chemical Engineering Education. Special Edition for the CACHE 50th Anniversary. Vol 54 No 3 (2020): Summer 2020, pp 137-142.

Prof. Voronov published the first survey of the U.S. Chemical Engineering curriculum in the past 60 years. Many of the findings reported in this work can be used by other departments across the world to improve their education programs:

Voronov, R. S., Basuray, S., Obuskovic, G., Simon, L., Barat, R. B., Bilgili, E. A. (2017). “Statistical Analysis of Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Curricula of United States of America Universities: Trends and Observations“. Education for Chemical Engineers, 20, 1-10.

High School Summer 2017 Research Interns

Highlights From the Survey:

  1. • Comprehensive statistical analysis of US ChE curricula is carried out.
  2. • Two different approaches to teaching Transport topics are reported.
  3. • Computational/Numerical Methods and Biology/Bio-Engineering are warranted.
  4. • Safety is on the rise, while Statics and Strength of Materials is on decline.
  5. • The results serve as a tool for guiding and/or justifying course changes.