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WHILE AT NJIT (Peer Reviewed):

  1. Tong, A., Pham, Q.L., Gupta, D., Abatemarco, P., Mathew, A., and Voronov, R.S., 2021. “Review of Low-Cost 3D Bioprinters: State of The Market and Observed Trends”. SLAS Technology. 2021 May 3; 26.4:1-34.
    *Featured on Journal Cover and Journal’s podcast webpage
  2. Tong, A.*, & Voronov, R.,* 2021. “A Minireview of Microfluidic Scaffold Materials in Tissue Engineering”. Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, 1-8.
    *Corresponding author
  3. Chande, C., Riaz, N., Harbour, V., Noor, H., Torralba, M., Cheng, Y.H., Zhenglong, L., Tong, A., Voronov, R. and Basuray, S., 2021. “Universal method for fabricating PDMS microfluidic device using SU8, 3D printing and soft lithography.” Technology, 1-8.
  4. AN Ford Versypt, JE Bara, RB Getman, CA Kieslich, RS Voronov. “Apps for Chemical Engineering Education: Off-the-Shelf and Do-It-Yourself Development Options”, 2020. Chemical Engineering Education 54 (3), 137-142 Special Edition for the CACHE 50th Anniversary.
  5. Nguyen TD, Kadri OE, Voronov RS. “An Introductory Overview of Image-Based Computational Modeling in Personalized Cardiovascular Medicine”. Front Bioeng Biotechnol. 2020 Sep 25;8:529365.
  6. A. Tong, Q.L. Pham, V. Shah, A. Naik, P. Abatemarco, R.S. Voronov, 2020. “An Automated Addressable Microfluidics Device for Minimally-Disruptive Manipulation of Cells and Fluids within Living Cultures”. ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering. 6(3): p. 1809-1820.
  7. Quang Long Pham, Nhat Anh Nguyen Tong, Lydia N. Rodrigues*, Yang Zhao*, Migle Surblyte*, Diomar Ramos*, John Brito*, Adwik Rahematpura* and Voronov, R. S. “Ranking Migration Cue Contributions to Guiding Individual Fibroblasts Faced with a Directional Decision in Simple Microfluidic Bifurcations”. Integrative Biology, Volume 11, Issue 5, May 2019, Pages 208–220.*Among the authors are: 1 high school intern, 1 CS undergrad, 2 ChE undergrads (both racial minorities), 1 female ChE MS student (currently in industry), and 1 female PhD student who did an independent study with me but is advised by another professor in my department.
  8. Nguyen T.D., Kadri O.E., Sikavitsas VI, Voronov R.S., “Scaffolds with a High Surface Area-to-Volume Ratio and Cultured Under Fast Flow Perfusion Result in Optimal O2 Delivery to the Cells in Artificial Bone Tissues”. Special Issue “Biomaterials for Bone Tissue Engineering” (by Invite) “Biomaterials for Bone Tissue Engineering”. Applied Sciences, 2019, 9(11), 2381;
  9. O. E. Kadri, M. Surblyte*, V. D. Chandran* and R. S. Voronov, 2019. “Is the Endothelial Cell Responsible for the Thrombus Core and Shell Architecture?” Journal of Medical Hypothesis, 129, 109244.*Among the authors are 1 female CS undergrad and 1 ChE MS thesis student (currently a PhD candidate at NJIT BME).
  10. Kadri, O. E., Chandran*, V. D., Surblyte*, M., and Voronov, R. S. (2019). “In vivo measurement of blood clot mechanics from computational fluid dynamics based on intravital microscopy images”, Computers in Biology and Medicine 106, 1–11.*Among the authors are 1 female CS undergrad and 1 ChE MS thesis student (currently a PhD candidate in BME).
  11. Pham, Q. L., Rodrigues, L. N., Maximov, M. A., Chandran, V. D., Bi, C., Chege*, D., Dijamco*, T., Stein*, E., Tong, N. A., Basuray, S., and Voronov, R. S. “Cell Sequence and Mitosis Affect Fibroblast Directional Decision-Making during Chemotaxis in Tissue-Mimicking Microfluidic Mazes”. Cel. Mol. Bioeng. (2018) 11: 483. Journal Cover.*Among the authors are 2 undergrads and 1 high school student, 2 of my PhD students, 1 ChE MS thesis student (currently a PhD candidate in BME), and 2 ChE PhD students who did independent study with me (but are advised by other ChE faculty).
  12. Kadri, O. E., Williams, C., Sikavitsas, V., and Voronov, R. S. (2018). “Numerical accuracy comparison of two boundary conditions commonly used to approximate shear stress distributions in tissue engineering scaffolds cultured under flow perfusion”. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering, 34(11), e3132. Journal Cover.
  13. Pham, Q. L., Tong NAN, Mathew*, A., Basuray, S., and R.S Voronov (2018). “A compact low-cost low-maintenance open architecture mask aligner for fabrication of multilayer microfluidics devices”. Biomicrofluidics, 12(4), 044119.*One author is an BME undergraduate student.
  14. Cortes Williams III, Olefumi Kadri, and R.S Voronov, Vassilios Sikavitsas. “Time-Dependent Shear Stress Distributions during Extended Flow Perfusion Culture of Bone Tissue Engineered Constructs”. 2018, Special Issue (by Invite): “Flow and Heat or Mass Transfer in the Chemical Process Industry”, Fluids 3 (2), 25.
  15. Voronov, R. S., Basuray, S., Obuskovic, G., Simon, L., Barat, R. B., Bilgili, E. A. (2017). “Statistical analysis of undergraduate chemical engineering curricula of United States of America universities: Trends and observations”. Education for Chemical Engineers*, 20, 1-10.*International journal that requires at least two of four referees to be from countries other than those of the authors. This paper was the most the downloaded article from the journal in its first 90 days since publication.
  16. T. Alam*, Q.L. Pham, V.I. Sikavitsas, D.V. Papavassiliou, R.L. Shambaugh, and R.S. Voronov, 2016. “Image-based modeling: A novel tool for realistic simulations of artificial bone cultures”. Technology 04 (229), DOI:*The first author is a high school summer intern.
    Technology is a young journal, edited by biotechnology leaders: Martin Yarmush and Mehmet Toner at the Boston Massachusetts General Hospital:
  17. Ngoc H. Pham, R.S. Voronov, Naga Rajesh Tummala, and Dimitrios V. Papavassiliou, 2014. “Bulk stress distributions in the pore space of sphere-packed beds under Darcy flow conditions’’. Physical Review E 89 (3), 033016.
  18. J.D. Welsh, T.J. Stalker, R.S. Voronov, R.W. Muthard, M. Tomaiuolo, S.L. Diamond, and L.F. Brass. “A systems approach to hemostasis: 1. The interdependence of thrombus architecture, agonist concentration gradients and the movement of molecules in the gaps between platelets.” 2014, Blood:124(11).

PRIOR TO NJIT (Peer Reviewed):
1. R.S. Voronov, T.J. Stalker, L.F. Brass, and S.L. Diamond, 2013. “Simulation of Intrathrombus Fluid and Solute Transport Using In Vivo Clot Structures with Single Platelet Resolution”. Annals of biomedical engineering 41 (6), 1297-1307.

2. Stalker TJ, Traxler EA, Wu J, Wannemacher KM, Cermignano SL, Voronov RS, Diamond SL, Brass LF. “Hierarchical organization in the hemostatic response and its relationship to the platelet signaling network.” 2013, Blood; doi: 10.1182/blood-2012-09-457739

3. R.S. Voronov, S. VanGordon, R.L. Shambaugh, V.I. Sikavitsas and D.V. Papavassiliou, 2012. ”3D Tissue Engineered Construct Analysis via Conventional High Resolution Micro CT without X-Ray Contrast”. Tissue Engineering – Part C, doi:10.1089/ten.tec.2011.0612.

4. N.H. Pham, R. S. Voronov, S. VanGordon, V.I. Sikavitsas and D.V. Papavassiliou, 2012. “Predicting the Stress Distribution within Scaffolds with Ordered Architecture”. Biorheology. 49(4):235-47.

5. S.B. VanGordon, R. S. Voronov, et al., 2011.”Effects of Scaffold Architecture on Preosteoblastic Cultures under Continuous Fluid Shear”. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 50 (2), pp 620–629.

6. R. S. Voronov, et al, 2011. “Efficient Lagrangian Scalar Tracking Method for Reactive Local Mass Transport Simulation through Porous Media”. Int J Num Meth Fluids. 67(4), pp 501–517

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8. R. S. Voronov, et al., 2010. “Computational Modeling of Flow Induced Shear Stresses Within 3D Salt-Leached Porous Scaffolds Imaged via Micro-CT”. Journal of Biomechanics, 43 (7), 1279-1286.

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