Software & Algorithms

Selected Publications:

  1. Quang Long Pham, David Chege, Timothy Dijamco, Migle Surblyte, Akshay Naik, Kolawole Campbell, Nhat-Anh-Nguyen Tong, and Roman S. Voronov. Open-Source Matlab-Based Graphical User Interface (GUI) For Computer Control of Microscopes Using Micro-Manager”.  arXiv:1904.13231
  2. R.S. Voronov, S. VanGordon, R.L. Shambaugh, V.I. Sikavitsas and D.V. Papavassiliou, 2012. 3D Tissue Engineered Construct Analysis via Conventional High Resolution Micro CT without X-Ray Contrast”. Tissue Engineering – Part C, doi:10.1089/ten.tec.2011.0612.
    cited by count
  3. R. S. Voronov, S.B. VanGordon. V.I. Sikavitsas, and  D.V. Papavassiliou, 2011. Efficient Lagrangian Scalar Tracking Method for Reactive Local Mass Transport Simulation through Porous Media”. Int J Num Meth Fluids. 67(4), pp 501–517.
    cited by count

Publically-Distributed Code:

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