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Young Faculty Invited To CACHE 50th Anniversary Conference

CACHE 50TH Voronov Presentation

Prof. Roman Voronov was one of just 20 young faculty across the nation to have been invited to present at the Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering (CACHE) 50th Anniversary conference, which recently took place in Breckenridge, CO. CACHE is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the development and distribution of technology based materials and software in Chemical Engineering education through projects applying computational Chemical Engineering, sponsoring conferences, recognizing outstanding contributions, and providing leadership in chemical engineering education. The invited young faculty reported on innovations in the development of educational media, exploring novel ways of organizing student-instructor interactions to enhance learning, and experimenting with alternative knowledge delivery modes. Specifically, Prof. Voronov’s presentation was about lessons learned from renovating NJIT’s curriculum. The conference was attended by many reputable Chemical Engineering educators, and was closed with a banquette speech by the new President of the National Academy of Engineering Elects President, Dr. John L. Anderson (who also happens to be a Chemical Engineer).

CACHE 50TH Invited Young Faculty

The invited young faculty at the Future of Cyber Assisted Chemical Engineering Education CACHE 50TH Anniversary Conference.

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