Comsol Apps

SUMMARY: Successful teaching of the fundamental chemical enginering principles is critical to preparing the next generation’s workforce. However, in today’s uncertain world of the COVID-19 pandemic most experimental laboratories (including those used for academic courses) have been shut down. This has made delivering “hands on” materials, such as teaching how core chemical engineering labs, especially challenging. Consequently, we have seen an increased demand for virtual instruction materials and visual teaching aids that can help students to learn in a remote setting. COMSOL is a powerful Multiphysics software package with a very intuitive user interface, which makes it an attractive visual accessory for teaching physical phenomena to students. Unfortunately, even with the very detailed tutorials available online, there is still a “learning curve” which prevents many instructors from using it in their courses. Additionally, the COMSOL license may be unaffordable to some smaller schools and universities. Therefore, the goal of this CACHE-sponsored project is to create self-standing executable apps (COMSOL runtime libraries can be downloaded for free), that students / teachers across the world could use “out of the box” in order to learn the science behind basic chemical engineering processes.

Prof’s Voronov’s COMSOL Apps can be found here:

1) Each sub-folder contains executables for Windows, Mac and Linux. You should download according to the operating system (OS) of your device. In other words, there are three compiled versions of each app. You should use the one that is appropriate for the OS of your device: Windows, Mac or Linux.

2) Furthermore, you MUST PRE-INSTALL the OS-specific “COMSOL Runtime” (see subfolder “COMSOL55_RUNTIME”) prior to running the apps!! Just like with the apps, there are three versions of the Runtime: Windows, Mac or Linux. You should download/install the one that is appropriate for the OS of your device.

3) Please do NOT open executable files obtained from places other than this website (e.g., a student sending you a copy of my app), because it is possible that malware could have been added to them. So please only download them DIRECTLY from this website.