Porous Media Flows

Porous Media Flows image

Prof. Voronov has contributed significantly to the field of modeling fluid flow and mass transport in complex porous media. Highlighted above is a universal model that describes simulation and experimental studies alike, done by other researchers. Additionally, Prof. Voronov has developed new numerical methods for this application, to be implemented on supercomputers.

Selected Publications:

  1. RS Voronov, SB VanGordon, VI Sikavitsas, DV Papavassiliou, 2010.
    “Distribution of flow-induced stresses in highly porous media”
    Applied Physics Letters 97 (2), 024101
    cited by count
  2. RS Voronov, SB VanGordon, VI Sikavitsas, DV Papavassiliou, 2011.
    “Efficient Lagrangian scalar tracking method for reactive local mass transport simulation through porous media”
    International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 67 (4), 501-517
    cited by count
  3. NH Pham, RS Voronov, NR Tummala, DV Papavassiliou. 2014
    “Bulk stress distributions in the pore space of sphere-packed beds under Darcy flow conditions”.
    Physical Review E 89 (3), 033016
    cited by count